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Conjunctio + Amissio Fortuna Minor (23)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 16th August 2015


My feeling is that you should be able to see the Flow quite easily this week. If you can feel it, so much the better, but that would take a fairly advanced and sensitive nature, I believe. The reason you should be able to see it is that you should be able to look at events as they are unfolding and be able to chart the path of the Flow through them. It will all seem rather obvious later!

This is a fantastic learning lesson in how the geomantic forces work in and around our lives, and this week is all about learning! And the first thing we can learn is about ourselves…

If you have been following the blog for some time you will know that this is the fifth week in a row that a parent geome has appeared in the first house. This makes me wonder what that might say about what’s weighing us down. Maybe the seventh house / ‘other people and contractual relationships’ on the other side of the chart? The Flow is what it is, however, and ‘we must take the current when it serves’.

The emphasis on the first house this time relates to our external view of the world. Specifically, we will find our thoughts clearing as matters seem to fall into place. We will see clearly where we want to be and also what we need to do to get there.

Given that the first geome, Conjunctio, is in Leo and that the aspects between the parents is a sextile, you can expect that you will have the right ideas about most things this week. Lesson one: you will get most clarity by learning how you fit into the world, not how the world can accommodate you. In other words, look outside yourself to see how you can make a difference. Learn how what you can offer is needed, not simply what you want to do.

By taking this more benignly humble and service-based approach to life your work is much more likely to be crowned with success this week.

Now watch what happens as the story unfolds. The bottom two taps (the external physical environment) stays constant throughout. The key to this casting is to notice what happens to the two taps at Level 1…

Second geome, Amissio, is in the 11th house. The two taps at Level 1 have migrated down to our internal mental realm. This means that your thoughts and awareness of the external world will transform when you consider what you can offer the wider world.

Now all this talk of ‘contribution’ and ‘offering the world’ will be neither unpleasant or difficult.

In fact it will come rather naturally to you. It will build on your natural sense of good taste and your desire to do good particularly towards your fellow man.

You will be able to see clearly where you are needed and feel very much in tune with events as they unfold.

The very best progress you will find this week will be when you allow your loving kindness to find a place in the hearts of others. This should not be forced in any way. Simply surround yourself and others with a warm embrace of care.

Lesson two: make the love you feel be the love you give.


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Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Minor (23) in the ninth house. Notice how the double taps at Level 2 of Amissio have now seemingly migrated to two new taps at Level 3, leaving behind a new single tap at Level 2.

This shows that the clarity and wonderful expression of our thoughts in the external world now opens up new physical areas for us. Specifically, events will start to move in a forward direction:

Resources will be made available.

Packing lists will become packing.

Travel plans will become travel.

Ideas will become actions and, perhaps best of all, Lesson three: lessons will become understanding.

The Flow is quite clear in helping us move from understanding of what might be needed to what is needed and to then doing it.

The spirit of making a loving, compassionate difference underpins all.




There were two Rogues this week: Via and Puer.

In all your new ventures be guided by the strength of your heart.



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Thank you.


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