Yearly archives: 2020

Check And Repair

Acquisitio is conjunct with Acquisitio in the third house (Capricorn). This indicates that Flow is largely unchanging this week. Perhaps more accurately you can think of this placement as suggesting a build-up of a single theme. This is where the Active Transform really comes into its own as it shows […]

On The Lookout

The seasons turn once more. Following solar Samhain yesterday it’s now the start of winter in the northern hemisphere. I was very fortunate in being able to Touch the Hair of the Goddess from the silver birch in our garden: The tree is not very tall, but the wind conditions […]

Looking Carefully

The latest UK government guidelines on social distancing come into effect this coming Thursday night. I know that some of you will be concerned about the potential impact this might have. It seems to me that provided that you take lots of deep breaths and also that you leap about […]

Whittling Down

A happy St. Crispin’s Day to you all! This is great weather to go out to Touch the Hair of the Goddess. And to paraphrase Henry V: And gentlemen in England now a-bed Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here, And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks That […]

The Practical Unconscious

I mentioned last week that we are now at the start of the season of Touching the Hair of the Goddess (see also Here). We went out last week and—as those of you on the mailing list already know (what? you haven’t registered yet?)—we had great success!     Not […]