The Practical Unconscious

Tristitia + Populus → Tristitia (4)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 18th October 2020

I mentioned last week that we are now at the start of the season of Touching the Hair of the Goddess (see also Here).

We went out last week and—as those of you on the mailing list already know (what? you haven’t registered yet?)—we had great success!



Not only that, but within an hour of the call to action Ed and his son had also had their success!…


Alex (left) and Ed



… courtesy of the Dame herself and this magnificent Maple in their garden:


Well done, the two of you!



Tristitia in the sixth house (Pisces) is in an opposition aspect this week. This means that you may see many switches and changes of direction in Flow this week.

This initial focus of Flow may directly relate to your work or to some personal project of yours which helps others. It suggests change, and rapid change at that. New opportunities, new ideas and approaches can be expected. Given that this is in an opposition aspect however, you may feel that at times there are many distractions to what you’re trying to achieve. That would be quite natural. It’s possible that part of the changes, or (let’s be honest) your reluctance to make them, relates directly to the other people…

The Pars Uranii this week is in the seventh house (Aries) which indicates that you may not want to risk offending people with your ideas. You may fear that you could jeopardise a relationship. You may therefore be holding yourself back as a result.

Flow suggests that this fear can be addressed by simply raising the matter with others, perhaps tentatively at first. Test the ground. Make overtures and sound people out. Find out how much opposition is fear and how much is fact.

Populus in the 12th house (Virgo) provides a very interesting counterpoint later in the week. When Populus appears as the second cast geome then something you have been doing is likely to need modification. It’s often just a minor tweak. But given the opposition nature in the Casting it is possible that some significant obstacle will need to be shifted out of the way.

Given, too, that the geome is in the 12th house you might expect that this is an unconscious change. However, it seems more likely that the unconscious is being practical. For example, you may experience strong feelings for or against a particular approach to what you’re trying to achieve this week. Listen to those feelings and make the necessary adjustments. Flow is suggesting that most of what you are seeking is on the right path but that something is not quite right about the approach. Those strong indications you are getting come from deep down. In the spirit of inspiration this week it would be useful to listen to these inner messages and to tailor your approach appropriately.

The practical unconscious, Joshua Earle, Unsplash, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Tristitia (4) back in the sixth house (Pisces). This shows that the inspiration given by your unconscious is worthless unless it leads to change. You are not being given inspiration simply to make you feel good or to simply know better. That might sound harsh, but your unconscious is offering practical help. It can help you move forward, but it is the outward, every day, physical you that needs to do things in a slightly different way. It’s what will help you avoid ‘scraping along the sides’ of the groove and instead run on well-greased wheels.

One of the ways to do this is to seek the greater good for yourself and for others. So how to do this?

It is by solving a problem not just for your own interest.

It is also a matter of perception.

You could see the effort you put into moving a boulder as removing a problem from your way forward.

The greater good is to see it that you are clearing the path for all.

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