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Carcer + Albus → Puella (14)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 1st May 2016

I had to get up earlier than usual today. Half-past three on a bank holiday Sunday. It had to be done.

I took the family to see the Morris men dancing up of the Sun. (We do this voluntarily, not at gunpoint). The Morris men do this every May Day come what (ahem) may. If they don’t dance then the Sun wouldn’t come up, of course.




Anyway, on with the Casting:

Oh, what deep dark holes we sometimes find ourselves in! At times you don’t feel you understand how the world works and you just want to pull up the drawbridge and go home. This week sees Carcer in the fourth house (Cancer) giving you the feeling that you want to batten down the hatches and shut out the unnecessary parts of the world. But that is not the whole story and we must look deeper.

The Casting is very clear on why this has been happening and knowing the cause will help you to move forwards, as you will see.

Given that the aspect between the geomes is a Trine there is no defeatism in your thoughts returning home. No, not defeat – this is the return to base, the stocking-up on supplies, getting your head in order version of returning home. In other words it’s time to consider, regroup and figure out the best way forward. You feel that you want to step forward on a good, solid path and fortunately you have an excellent guide to help you.
Albus in the 12th house (Pisces) will reassure you that best guide is your deep feelings.

There is no point in keeping on running and trying to charge ahead when what you need to do most is to listen. What does that mean, practically?
It means that you need to feel what is right; you need to speak what is right; you need to sense what is right.

When that sense of rightness comes upon you by listening to your dreams and your ‘still small voice’ you will find that everything starts to move smoothly and quickly. A small silver spark of an idea quickly spreads. It passes first from your subconscious to your mind. And then from your mind to other people’s mind and from your heart to their heart.

Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform of these two geomes is Puella (14) in the eighth house (Scorpio). The cause of your withdrawal at the start of the week is likely to be for a very simple reason: You’ve been comparing yourself again.

You know you shouldn’t do this but it just sort of happened, right? You’ve not been doing it in a ‘bad’ way, but unless you’re careful there aren’t many good ways to do it!
Anyway, that was the cause. So when that spark of a silver idea occurs and then grows, follow it!

It doesn’t matter what anyone else does or would do. All that matters is what YOU do and who YOU are. That is your ultimate responsibility and your ultimate authority — and that’s all you need! Everything else you can learn.

Learn what you need to do next, learn where you need to be next.

Follow the path of your thoughts. And have no fear in making the changes you need to make.


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Thank you.


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