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Caput Draconis + Rubeus → Fortuna Major (234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 18th March 2018

This week is all about communication — and communicating deeply at that. This is a time when all lines of communication can be focused down to a very specific point. What is friendly will become sociable and what is sociable can become deeply meaningful.

Caput Draconis in the third house (Taurus) shows the week will begin by ideas spreading slowly. And although the initial progress may seem slow the pace will pick up later in the week. This is going to apply to communication of all kinds: phone calls, emails, talking, every possible way of connecting actually. But more importantly the pace will pick up with regard to the feelings behind the communication.

The Pars Draconii is in the 11th house (Capricorn) and, obviously, has a link to the first geome. It indicates that you have been focusing a lot on shifts in your dreams, but that these dreams might have actually been holding you back. As strange as that may sound at first what this placement is doing is to caution you against fantasy. It is suggesting that you keep to what is real, possible and practical in your dreams. Avoid them becoming simply wishful thinking.

It seems that Caput Draconis in the third will yield inspiration but that this will be inspiration which slowly dawns on you. Keep chipping away that physical resistance by finding solutions to problems practically rather than simply offering ideas of ways forward.

Rubeus in the fifth house (Cancer) shows that Flow will enable you to capitalise on the social benefits of solving problems by this chipping away at resistance.

To deepen your connection with others you will find it helpful to ‘sow a thousand seeds’. In other words, connect and spread your help and resources around, but do so thoughtfully. Don’t lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve in your desire to connect.

See who has the urge, the power and the ability to help you and let those ‘plants’ bloom. In communicating with others you — and they — will find that it is the intention behind the words which is the real message. In fact it Rubeus shows that it is the hidden message which says it all!


Take control of your Destiny


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, March, 2018, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

Look into the eyes and then go deeper, Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash, (CC0)


The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Major (234) in the seventh house (Virgo). As your connections blossom into full flower you will be able to choose and select which ones are likely to become even closer. You should be looking for a meeting of minds and effort which will produce the greatest reward for you both. And when you can work together you should both push with all your might. This is why you need willing and able people around you to begin with.

The Active Transform shows that this is the time to find the links and to make people sit up and take notice.

Be choosy in what you work on and don’t sacrifice quality in a rush to get the job done.

Start broadly this week, narrow down, pick the best and connect as deeply as you are able.


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