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Cauda Draconis + Cauda Draconis → Populus (123)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 2nd July 2017

This week Flow is in a very tight circle of influence, rounding matters up and offering new direction and growth.

Cauda Draconis in the third house (Leo) suggests that there is still some slight uncertainty or hesitation holding you back for some reason. This is a time of gathering things together, of focus and of being prepared to move. The configuration of the Casting shows that if you are not already moving you will be brought back time and time again and not allowed to wander too far from the point, at least not if you are going to progress this time.

It’s almost as though circumstances are holding you on a very tight leash, going round and round until details are squared away and the journey can begin. Communicate as much as you need to in order to get ready to take action.

Think of the image of the family dog that can see the car being packed and people getting ready. There’s lots of bustle around the house and he knows something is happening. The journey is about to begin. He hopes and prays he is part of it and he is getting excited. The closer the time of departure, the smaller and shorter his excited trips become. He started by going around the house and into the garden, sensing that something was going on. Then he was just trotting around the house seeing what everyone was doing. Now he’s eagerly pacing from the hallway to the car, hoping and waiting for that moment to jump on the backseat and be off!

Cauda Draconis is also the second geome cast, this time in the second house (Cancer). You know the phrase ‘When all is said and done’? Well, all has been said and now it’s time to do!

This second geome is intimately tied up with the Pars this week. Change will happen but it will largely be about preparing, consolidating and getting ready rather than about the time of expansion and growth on which you can capitalise.

It seems there will be a constant and low-level but increasing movement (pressure?  excitement?). You will recognise that matters could so easily change and hopefully for the better.

The Pars Draconii is also in the second house. For geomancers this is the key which unlocks the whole meaning of the Casting, showing what a tight circle of circumstances are Flowing at the moment.

In conjunction with the second geome it means that there will be a move towards considering your immediate circumstances throughout most of this week.

Essentially, the ’cause’ of the current situation is the very next thing you will work on. (Tricky sentence ahead!…) Moving forward will require the examination of the thing requiring you to move forward! This is what gives the interpretations of a very tight circle of action and reaction indeed!


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Populus (123) in the first house (Gemini). Here we see that the ever-decreasing circles of action you have been involved in are bursting to get started in a new direction.

Matters are conspiring to create a time when you can do, when you can get ‘it’ out into the wider world. When you can get going.

Depending on exactly where you are in your journey you may find that matters have been opening up for you since last week’s Casting. If not, then you are likely to feel the inevitable pull of the start of the race now.


Getting ready to run, Senior Airman Shannon Hall, Public Image


This is the moment before the start of the race so you need to do those last-minute checks to get ready. (What a nice way to say you can fuss about, but not for much longer! *smile*)

If you are still not quite ready to leave just yet at least do what you can before the taxi arrives…

Check you’ve got your passport; bring the bags downstairs; make a pile of the stuff you’re taking by the front door; switch off everything that doesn’t need to be left on. In other words, do what you can which needs to be done before actually leaving the building.

In life, clear up the final details. Remove hesitation. Get ready to start the journey that only you can take.

Use the resources you have.

You will need to express the goodness you have.

Bring out those new ideas.

Grow new contacts.


… Do I hear the sound of the taxi outside…?


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Thank you.


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