Why feeling uncomfortable is comforting this week

Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 11th March 2013

Astrogem horoscope for week commencing 11-03-2013

Astrogem horoscope for week commencing 11-03-2013

Just to let you know, I am going to be making some changes to the style and content of this site (which ties in neatly with the reading, as you’ll see below).  I want to take Astrogem Geomancy to a new level and, hopefully, make it even more useful and accessible for you.  And it’s always nice to review and improve things – especially as it coincides with this website’s birthday:  one year old this week!

To kick it off you’ll see that I’ve done away with the usual headings of ‘Relationships’ and ‘Work’ this week.  I feel they were a little artificial (and too much like the approach taken by other horoscopes) to compartmentalise the geomantic flow into separate categories like that.  I’m sure you’ll be able to see where the flow can be used in those areas in your life without me having to spell it out.

The other major change you’ll see over the next few weeks is that I want to bring the tag-line, that is the uniqueness of Astrogem, to life for you in as practical a way as I can.  I really do want you to offer you ways to be able to use Astrogem to Shape Your Fate.  So with that pique of your curiosity, let’s dive in to this week’s reading. . .

Populus in the third house (Taurus) is quincunx to Puer in the eighth house (Libra) in a Contracting flow.

Geomantic Divination

Populus represents the full moon and people coming together.  I often see this as not simply a meeting but as a party.  That gives the feeling that this week is going to see the end of one cycle and the start of a new one.

While the full moon might sit nicely in deeply emotional Taurus, Puer’s Mars does not sit comfortably in the eighth house’s Libra.  The impulse to action will tend to be held in check – at least until you’ve had a good think about things.

So this is the start:  The party happens at the end of the cycle, but you’re still feeling pent-up with personal mental energy, which can make you feel restless. It’s as though you can’t believe things have ended.  You don’t feel others should relax until you feel that you feel  settled in your own mind.  This is likely to make you feel out of place – as if you don’t really belong.

All that’s happening is that the forces which drove the last cycle have naturally drawn to a close and you will need to take some time to reflect, internalise and see where you go from here.  It’s actually a good opportunity.  This isn’t just a ‘take stock’ kind of pause either.  It’s more like an opportunity to build on the work you’ve been doing.

Populus in the third house usually indicates a buzz around education and ideas, local travel and children.  A vibrant local school gives you a nice mental picture. And it’s also a useful metaphor:   New ideas and an injection of new blood all mixed with a natural protectiveness towards your natural skills and abilities.

This is a time when you can let yourself become your own teacher.

That slightly unusual mental situation of you teaching yourself is another reason why you might be feeling out of place. . . how do you both know as the teacher and yet still have to learn?  The answer is to both come to understand (not just know) what’s been happening and also let go (even if you don’t feel ready).

Puer is also pushing forward.  Here in Libra in the eighth it suggests confrontation.  This is based on your desire for action and to want to break free of situations from the past.  As you’ll probably need other people’s help or cooperation later this week it’s probably best to go easy on direct confrontation. Channel your passion into constructive purposes instead as you move forward into new areas.

This is a great time for weighing up the pros and cons, particularly when it comes to linking your resources with those of others.  You will find a way to do this harmoniously and that will give you the confidence to know that you are embarking on the new cycle safely.

Take control of your Destiny

Adding the geomes gives us Puer in the first (Pisces).  Pisces is also not a comfortable resting place for Puer, but in the first house it can’t easily be ignored.  It suggests that you can best capitalise by listening to any unusual thoughts and feelings about yourself presented to you by your unconscious.

As you reflect on your life at the moment you may notice thoughts and ideas come to the surface which aren’t normally part of how you would think of yourself.  These are new patterns.  They are new mental and spiritual clothes, if you will.  Try them out (the changing rooms are just over there. . .)  You might be surprised at how well they fit and suit you.

The key to getting the best for yourself will be to lay the groundwork of what you want now.  Don’t just wait for a new direction to manifest in your life – set out your plans now.  That way what does manifest will do so within the framework you have laid out.  Remember:  As you bend the twig, so grows the tree.

And that is why feeling uncomfortable is comforting.  Because you’ll know that this is what you’re supposed to be feeling.  You’ll know you’re in the right place and that the process I’ve described is working.

Take charge and actively participate in setting this new cycle in your life.  By doing so you will be able to best help shape the direction it will take in useful and important ways.

Stay alert to what is happening inside you and outside you and lay good foundations.


Life is a series of events for which we never quite feel we are ready.


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