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Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 18th March 2013

Astrogem Horoscope for week commencing 18-03-2013

Astrogem Horoscope for week commencing 18-03-2013

Fortuna Major in the sixth house (Leo) is sextile to Puer in the eighth house (Libra) in a Contracting flow.

Geomantic Divination

This week sees an interesting development in the geomantic flow.  The influence of Fortuna Major in the sixth points to a great deal of energetic work with others, particularly in the everyday work environment.  Later in the week we can see a radical shift as the emphasis moves towards Puer in the eighth.

This is the second week that Puer has rested in that house and while much of that part of the interpretation might be the similar there are some new perspectives to consider.

The start of the week sees us widening our interaction with others in interesting and creative ways.  Fortuna Major is associated with the Sun and therefore a lot of healthy and warm energy naturally flows into whatever house it finds itself.  In the case of the sixth we can expect warmth, cooperation and friendliness in any areas associated with our job or other duty towards others.

Fortuna Major is in its natural sign of Leo and so you will feel that you can breathe more easily over events in your life this week.  While that doesn’t mean that there won’t be the usual challenges of life it does mean that you will feel more on top of things.  If you took the suggestion from last week’s reading to start laying your own foundations for life then you will find things starting to progress in useful and beneficial directions for the future.  Think of it as laying new railway lines in your life.  You should find that you see the beginning of a new direction for yourself as what you are working on gets clearer to you.  This is a useful time to create the route you want to go.  You will probably find that your responsibilities towards others will become clearer, too, as boundaries become more defined.

Fortuna Major is an interesting cast this week, falling as it does in its own sign and near the time of the Equinox on Wednesday.  Therefore, watch for significant positive shifts in your creativity and energy levels on the 20th.

During the later part of the week I would expect things to change somewhat. The burst of creativity you feel will be followed by a drive to make things happen – to realise those creative ambitions.

You will find thoughts of love and affection will be more physically expressed this week, too.  But before anyone gets carried away I should point out that this is probably going to take the form of unselfish loving help for those that we really care about.

As I mentioned last week, Puer in Libra is not all that comfortable and we’ll still feel that we are champing at the bit.  Why can’t people see that what you are suggesting is in fact the perfect solution to their problems?  The answer is probably that you may be coming across a little to strongly.  You could try not to press so much and let them see it for themselves.  They know what you are saying but they need time to adjust.

Take control of your Destiny

Adding the geomes gives us Cauda Draconis (34) in the tenth house (Sagittarius). This gives us a very interesting inner game to pursue. . . Stop pushing outwards with others, there is something you have to work on in yourself first!

The single new tap at Level 3 of Cauda Draconis tells us that there are things we need to learn about ourselves at the moment.  Take the time to figure out what’s holding you back from getting what you need.  Once you have a feeling of what that might be then start working on that straight away.  Use what you learn in order to do things in new ways in the external physical world as quickly as possible (two new taps on Level 4).  People are likely to notice the change in you very quickly.


Pupils need time to fully understand the teacher’s lessons.

The teacher hurries home after school to continue his own studies.

He is still learning and trying out new things.


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