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Geomantic divination for the week commencing 15th October 2012


Fortuna Minor in the ninth (Gemini) is square to Amissio in the twelfth (Virgo) in a Continuing pattern.

Geomantic Divination

This shows the solar influence of Fortuna Minor in the ninth house in a difficult aspect to the negative side of Venus.  Traditionally this would signify minor good fortune turning to loss, possibly in a secretive or underhand way.

The ninth house is associated with all things foreign – journeys, people, places – even ideas. In this house the Sun, whether in its Major or Minor aspect, is a sign of expansion into new vistas.  Venus in its negative aspect is not a good sign in the twelfth.  It suggests plots, back-stabbing, gossip and manipulation.  The square aspect between the two, even though in a Continuing pattern, means that this week is likely to be hard going.

Fortunately the Four Levels model gives us constructive insights into what is going on.

Love and Relationships

Many of your intentions and efforts this week will probably be outward facing.  If you have observed the necessity for studying and planning over the last few weeks you many have been champing at the bit to get things moving.  This is a time when you can make progress in connecting with others.  That said, all may not go as far as you would like.

If and when things start to fray at the edges then you will need to be patient and also show your ingenuity.  The key is to show careful thought in dealing with personal issues rather than madly charging at people and events you don’t like.


What was suggested to you by others as an expansion seems to be contracting. Perhaps your clarity of vision is showing you how things really are.  The gloss is being stripped away and you understand what you are looking at – perhaps for the first time.  (Or was it just the same old thing, but with a different coat of paint?) Anyway, you realise what is actually in front of you now and will be able to take appropriate steps.

It looks as if you will need to apply your knowledge about this more, and use less physical effort.  There is no point in treating the symptoms when you should be treating the disease.  Apply yourself to becoming effective, not just efficient. Keep a clear head to navigate around a mass of irrelevant detail.

Take control of your Destiny

The Four Levels model shows that this is not at all a tale of doom and difficulty. What we see instead is the need for shifts in level and direction.  We need to carefully examine what is in front of us in order to make sure that we are working on the right things in the right way.  Even when we are working on the right things, it will not be an easy journey.  But to waste time on ‘what the problems are not’ would be pointless.

The taps of Fortuna Minor are all physical and show that we are going places – probably literally.  We will also be engaged in ‘foreign’ activity.  With modern communications this may easily involve projects from abroad.  And with modern thinking it may easily involve higher changes to your thinking!

Amissio shows that the physical effort we are exerting has to shift direction.  We need to go from physical effort to mental effort while still trying to keep everyone happy.  This won’t be easy, but it is possible.  Even if mired in a huge amount of detail at least you’ll know that you’re working on the right things.  Key tip:  Get rid of the illusory, the baubles, the glitz – it’s just a distraction at the moment.

Adding the geomes gives us Conjunctio in the third (Sagittarius) with new taps at levels one and two and old taps at levels three and four.  This shows that the way to come out ahead will be through connection:  Think about how you can apply a new approach in your life and seek external inspiration.  Adapt foreign ideas and make them work locally.

Geomantic Thoughts

(I am writing this mainly for owners of the book who have asked about choosing the best kind of reading to give their clients.) 

Six months ago I was giving readings at a Mind, Body and Spirit fair.  A man came up to the lady on the next table to mine and started to chat with her.  They were obviously old friends.  The man, who I shall call Pat (because that’s his name) was saying how unimpressed he was with the readings he’d been given recently.  He said that they didn’t give him the kind help he was looking for.  Specifically, he is a spiritual healer and he wanted a ‘spiritual reading’.

He said that every reader so far, whenever he asked for such a reading, would say something with spiritual overtones, but then after a minute or so just go into the usual, well-worn areas with which they were more familiar: family, love-life, job, etc.

Last weekend I was giving readings in exactly the same venue and I recognised him from six months ago.  I said I would like to talk to him and to give him a reading (for which I had already decided I would not charge him, as I wanted the practise).  As all of you who give readings know, many people say they want a general reading even when they have some very specific issues they would like to have addressed.  I felt that as Pat was so specific in the help he needed, however, then the least I could do would be to help as best I could.

I got Pat to draw only two gemstones and then I calculated the Active Transform from them.  He was pleased with the reading as you can see from the video he very kindly recorded:

Now the point of this is not to show off (as flattered as I was *blush*), but rather to show some of the versatility that can be offered by this method.  Here was someone who had been searching for more than six months for an answer and who felt a need to know about a specific direction in his life.

His answer came not in the ten gemstones, houses and geomantic aspects that I would normally use, instead we used just two gemstones.  This was because he wanted to know about big, slow-moving tides in his life and development.  He wanted to know about the ‘high and low tide’ in his life, rather than about individual waves.  There was no need to go into fine detail.  Too many gemstones would have muddied the overall picture.  Thus, the more specific the question the fewer gemstones you need, as a general rule.

You will also find that you probably need only a few gemstones if the question has a very short time span – that is, when action needs to be taken quickly to start or stop doing something.  Usually this short time span indicates a pinch-point in that person’s affairs.  Something can’t continue.  They either want your advice on when they should act, or they want your view on which of their available choices would be best for them.

These comments come with a caution, however.  You will first need to check with the client that the matter is either big and slow, as it was with Pat, or urgent.  You will need to question closely just in case there are complicating factors which should also be weighed and for which more gemstones might be drawn.  Just because the client is under pressure it does not mean that the situation is clear cut.

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