Check And Shift The Grit

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Fortuna Minor + Acquisitio → Carcer (12)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 22nd November 2015


Geomancy, unlike any other Oracle, provides details of the context in which events and circumstances are unfolding. This means that we can see where we fit into the big picture of what the Universe wants and how we can make a unique difference.

So this week the Continuing Flow from Fortuna Minor to Acquisitio is particularly interesting.

Look carefully and you will see that the double Taps at Level 4 have lept upwards to Level 1 in this change. This indicates a shift in emphasis from the external physical world to the external mental world. The Flow of the Universe is telling us to shift our focus on what we are working on before we go too deep.

Given that the aspects between the geomes is a sextile then there is going to be an overall beneficial effect for us.

The start of the week will see a shift from merely hoping about other people’s feelings to seeing some kind of confirmation. You may think you know what they want but it’s going to be best to find out for sure. Don’t let your enthusiasm for what you are currently doing run away with you. It will be far too easy to commit to doing things and waste valuable time if it’s not exactly what other people want otherwise.

As any good tailor will tell you, ‘Measure twice, cut once’.

As the Flow changes to the 12th house later in the week you will see that while the words of their wants were correct, their meaning was slightly different than you thought. (Whose fault was that? Hmmm. There’s really no point in trying to apportion blame, it will only distract from good working relations. The most efficient thing to do is to smooth over any difficulties, thank your lucky geomes that you found out sooner rather than later and simply put it down to experience.)

You’re likely to find that the new perspectives you get will be beneficial and also enable you to be more helpful to others and to yourself anyway.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Carcer (12) in the 10th house (Leo). You can see that the two Taps at Level 1 of Acquisitio have shifted down to two new Taps at Level 2, the internal mental level.

This means that when you are clearer about other people’s intentions and desires you’ll find that things start falling into place for you in your work.

Use the Flow to develop much more of an empathic understanding of other people and their needs. This in turn will then open up some new areas for you to explore in your own thinking.

You will feel better knowing that you are on the right track and you’ll feel that things have clicked into place.

And when that happens you are much likely to be rewarded by being in tune with the situation.

It will still require effort to get what you want but if you have listened carefully to what people have asked for you will find the going easier underfoot, placing you on much more solid ground.

This shift of perspective from focusing on tasks-in-hand to checking on other people’s actual needs and then refocusing with new purpose will make things feel much smoother to you. It will also help you feel more secure in what you’re doing.




There were no Rogues this week.



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