Populus + Rubeus → Rubeus
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 30th August 2020

Populus in the third house (Libra) shows that this week is likely to produce a paradox: change without change. It is as though we feel the need to change but are reluctant to do so combined with trying to give the appearance of changing yet keeping things the same.

Populus at the start of a Casting is both a culmination and a turning point. It usually indicates that matters have usually gone as far as they can with the current circumstances. Things then need to change otherwise they will stagnate and decay. Change at the culmination then is natural.

The change you are likely to see will be in the feeling of situations around you rather than in the substance. They are only likely to change slowly to start with though.

It is those closest to you, both physically and emotionally, that you will need to communicate with at first. Talking is good. Let your charm work its magic and aim to make things better for all.

Rubeus in the 11th house (Gemini) shows that the gentle movement you start in the first part of the week will begin to snowball outwards. It is interesting that even if you can find yourself to just one area of concern you will be surprised at how matters can develop and diversify. This is what was meant by change without change. Flow is set to produce much deepening and widening of existing themes if you let it. What was friendly becomes friendship. What was kind becomes loving. What was simple becomes… interesting. That said, you may need to let go of something long cherished in order to keep the spirit of it alive.

Seek to develop deeply what may be developed. The stream become a river. It does not need much effort, only love and attention. Let Flow do the rest. Allow the unfolding.

Unfolding, Tina Xinia, Unsplash (CC0)

The Pars Luna this week is in the ninth house (Aries). This shows that you need to allow yourself to trust yourself. Don’t be bound by the rules of what is supposed to work. To do so would only restrict you. Find what actually works in practice and use that.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Rubeus in the seventh house (Aquarius). If you are in Flow you are likely to find that the diversity of ideas and approaches that you have been creating acts as widespread fertile ground. Interesting and unusual crops of relationships can follow — ones you didn’t expect. By being open and not forcing things earlier in the week your heart and mind spread wider and create the conditions for others to connect in unexpected ways.

Do not try to control this, merely prepare the ground. The crops — and the harvest — will take care of themselves.




There was a rogue this week: Albus in the 10th house (Taurus). Your standing will increase as others see the honesty and sincerity of your advances. Just let it flow naturally.

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Thank you.


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