Useful Opposition

Caput Draconis + Rubeus → Fortuna Major (234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 23rd August 2020

This week sees and interesting opposition between the two geomes.

Caput Draconis in the first house (Leo) shows that much of your focus this week is likely to be devoted to your thoughts for your future. Your plans and how you intend to execute them are likely to need and receive the bulk of your attention.

Some of this thinking will be driven by you but it is likely that circumstance will be prompting you to ask yourself questions in the first place.

The Pars Draconii is in the seventh house (Aquarius) suggesting that you had hoped that others could provide a solution one way or another. Maybe you were hoping other people’s problems (or the problems they were causing) would disappear and you wouldn’t have to do worry about them anymore. Perhaps you were hoping that others would solve their problems for themselves. Or maybe you were hoping they could simply provide you with an answer. It turns out that they may well do so, but not in the way that you had initially thought.

Rubeus in the seventh house (Aquarius) shows that the connection you will have with others is likely to be somewhat unusual.

It’s almost as if there is a new connectedness with others somehow. In other words, your connection with them will go beyond mere words and actions. It will have meaning. This can be challenging or exciting depending on your particular circumstances. Either way it is unlikely to be passive.

There is likely to be an exchange of views, but this does not necessarily mean an argument!

It may simply be that others share experiences or live a life which gives you food for thought.

The key to Flow this week will be consider and reflect on what you experience to see what lessons you can gain from your experiences of others.

Useful Opposition, Harli Marten, Unsplash, (CC0)

That is why any opposition will prove useful. After all, it is the ‘opposition’ which the grindstone provides which sharpens the chisel.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Fortuna Major (234) in the first house (Leo). This indicates that your overall aims and strategy are likely to remain the same but that it is the insights which you get will prove valuable. You will need to actively acquire those lessons however.

A fresh perspective can help overcome problems in the future and for that reason how you gained the insights is largely immaterial. It is analogous to being concerned with the physical pages of a book rather than the useful learning on the pages. To benefit from the Active Transform this week will require that active reading, however.

Take it as far as you are able. Read to understand, not to simply be informed.

If you do this you are likely to have lots of new things to think about and to practice doing.

Overall, focus on your improvement, not on their input.

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