Und Now Doctor Ve Vait For Za Storm…

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 24th February 2014

This week starts and ends with you.

Via in the first house suggests that you are in a very personal frame of mind at the moment.  There’s so much that you want to be and to do.  And just there – just there – is both a problem and an opportunity this week.

You’ve been gearing yourself up for a long time for the challenges immediately ahead and you feel ready to embark on a journey.  Much of this will have involved mental preparation on your part.  What you would dearly love, however, is to bring others along with you.

Via is all about new starts.  New journeys, new approaches, new ideas – anything that is fresh and new.  It might also be a well-trodden path for others but something which is new to you.  You’ve got several new things you would like to try.  After all, you’ve not been doing all that planning for nothing!

This is where the shift in Flow will come to your aid.  You will get a chance to connect with others.  Tristitia in the seventh (Leo) will let you get belly-to-belly with them.  You’ve got some great ideas and you have all the resources you need.  They are likely to give you a favourable response. . . so why is nothing moving forward as a result?

The lights are on but. . .

The two sets of double taps in Tristitia show that everything will be firing on all three cylinders but it’s that fourth tap, the single at Level 4, which will cause you some difficulties in connection with others this week.  That and the opposition of the two geomes, of course.

Tristitia reveals that in your dealings with others that you will be sure of your views, that there will be clarity of discussions and you’ll have done all the preparation you can think of doing.  In fact, with Tristitia being in Leo you are likely to be warmly received.  Things will seem to be going well, you’ll get a fair hearing. . . but nobody will be pulling the trigger to get things going just for the moment.  Why?

It’s that single tap.  For some reason you just aren’t emotionally connecting with them.  Everything you need to do is in place, but at the moment there is just no heartbeat.

Tristitia is associated with the planet Uranus, and hence to the phenomenon of electricity.  It’s no surprise then that the geome is concerned with sudden (lightening quick) change.  It is also, extending our metaphor, the bolt from the electric storm which will animate the body and bring it to life!  That, for the moment, seems absent.

A body, beautifully organised and presented is nothing without that spark of life – without emotion.

Take control of your Destiny

It is when we add the geomes we can get clarity about this.  Here the Active Transform is Cauda Draconis (1234):

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, February, 2014, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy

Active Transform Cauda Draconis (1234)

This, as the geomes are in opposition, ends up back in the first house, which means that it is our outlook which will have to change.  There may even be some ‘personal inner work’ or dead wood to clear away first.

Yes, it’s going to be down to us to bring that vital spark of life.

It may seem in some ways that you will have come full circle (another feature of Via).  It’s almost like you are starting at the beginning in trying to make your offerings appealing again.

Devote your time and energy this week to examining how to get your thoughts, feelings and ideas into the hearts of others.

Don’t give up!  Not only have you already put in a great deal of time and effort into your projects so far which it would be a tragedy to lose, but others will directly benefit from what you can offer them.

Without that heart, however, they just won’t see it.

Let them see why you want to do what you want to do.  No fancy bells and whistles – just pure love.




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