Tipping Point

Populus + Populus → Populus
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 18th June 2023

There is an extraordinary lunar influence in the Casting this week. Given the strength of the aspect between the geomes vigilance will be needed to ensure that you are able to capitalise on all the potential benefits open to you and to ensure that you steer your boat away from currents that could take you off-course.

Populus in the 7th house (Sagittarius) is square to Populus in the 10th house (Pisces). This indicates that it is a good time for finishing off and for adding final touches. But as soon as you think that this will settle matters various testing conditions are likely to present themselves.

Thinking about a wedding will give you a useful metaphor to understand the meaning here.

We see here the ‘fullness’ of a relationship: a completion, a bringing together of the separate parties and individuals to make something new and bigger—the ultimate partnership and union.

Amid all the positives, celebration and hope for the future we should remember that the wedding ceremony is only the start of the marriage. The commitment, loyalty, support, etc. comes afterwards. After the ceremony both parties have to ‘make good’ on their promises.

We do this by focussing and by internalising what is important to us. When we do this we gain new perspective and context on whatever new situations occur. Specifically, you now make decisions based on the fact that you are now married.

The moment of marriage is a tipping point. It is a punctuation point. A moment in time where one moves from one state to another. You have made a choice and what comes next will be assessed in the light of that choice.

You protect your marriage and other life choices as the milestones and statements that they are.

You gain strength here in that the partnership is not just what you are. It is also who you are and how you will react.

Tipping Point, Andrzej, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform is also Populus in the 1st house (Gemini). The fullness of the houses indicates completion (at least of this stage) and success. Your relationships, your place in the world and your outlook can now all be brought into line. It is from that successful moment that things can change again, just as high tide only lasts a moment. The next wave is the start of the next tide.

The Pars Luna is in the 4th house (Virgo) suggesting that there could remain untapped potential at home. This is where historical records and the details of plans lie. (Only a few need to understand this reference).




There was one Rogue: Via (another Luna influence) in the 5th house (Libra). This advises careful consideration of new situations this week. Choose the good and useful and avoid social temptations and chance.

Decide carefully.

But now, of course, you have help. You don’t have to decide all on your own.


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