How To Think Your Way Out Of A Revolving Door

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Tristitia + Fortuna Major → Albus (4)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 4th September 2016


It will be hard to imagine a Casting with more indication of change in it! You can expect these changes to be not just changes in circumstance but also in your thinking, feelings and approach. And because much of what you see as change has to be communicated, you will find an increase in ideas and discussions this week, too.

The first geome of the casting is Tristitia in the 11th house (Gemini) which shows that the changes you are feeling are largely going to be directed at other people, at least at the start of the week. This is probably a continuation of the Flow from last week as many of our interactions then involved others. Now you can capitalise on the mood of change and involve others more actively.

Because the aspect between the geomes is a sextile you will find that all this change is generally a good thing. It’s likely to benefit you by creating new ways forward. What needs to happen now is more of that shift towards actual action.

Fortuna Major in the ninth house (Aries) shows that you can now set our sights further afield than you have been doing — hence the idea of growth. The Aries influence shows that this will be outward-looking dynamic, fresh and invigorating. Allow yourself to be carried along and explore this in as many new possibilities as present themselves.

This does not mean that you necessarily have to indulge in new opportunities in great detail. The key will be to investigate rather than to become distracted by newness.

It is useful, however, to just see what’s on offer whether you ultimately go in that direction or not. The important thing here is to widen your net. Broaden things. Look to adapt and extend. So long as whatever you’re looking at is a new development it can still have elements of the old and traditional. ‘New’ doesn’t have to be that radical in order to be seen as new.

Because there are so many aspects associated with change in the Casting you can expect some of them to be fairly fast. In fact you can think of it as indicating that the speed of change will also change.


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If you have any kind of astrological training you will be able to see why there is so much change and communication going on. The influences of Tristitia / Uranus (rapid change), Gemini (thoughts, teaching and communication), Aries (headstrong and wilful) combine to make this a very dynamic week. And that’s not all.

Even the pars Uranii, lying in the third house (Libra), weighs in and shows that you may receive either a boot up the starting point or some good advice from close family members.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Albus (4), in the seventh house (Aquarius). This adds yet more change upon change. Albus is associated with the planet Mercury and, resting in Aquarius, gives us further elemental Air (impartial, far-reaching thoughts and actions) in our relationships. This turns out to be key.

Whilst you can feel change around you and in your interactions with others, it really matters most in your closest relationships.

You probably find that you are talking, thinking and considering what’s going on in a broader context a lot of the time. You will find that it will reduce of your stress to remember that sometimes people say things just to test or tease out an idea. Talking about it does not mean that they are being critical of you. They’re just talking…


Revolving Door (CC)

Revolving Door (CC)


This week may feel a bit like entering a revolving door. At times you may feel as though you’re going round in circles. At other times it may feel like you are just churning around and doing the work without making much progress. Sometimes it will seem as though you’re leaving only to end up back where you started. At other times you will shoot out of the doors clearly heading in a new direction. But have no doubt changes occurring.

Maybe the image of a revolving door means more to you than to other people…

You might not always be able to connect with all those walking in the same direction as you, but passing through that door will change things, no matter how subtly.


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