Think Carefully

Fortuna Major + Tristitia → Albus (34)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 26th September 2021

Fortuna Major in the 8th house (Aries) indicates that Flow will be providing the opportunity for lots of ideas and inspiration which will drive your plans forward this week.

You are likely to find that recent events—and those shortly to come—drive change and give you the urge to go deeper. This is likely to be a time when you feel carried by events bigger than you. Big life events may need to be thought about and plans put in place.

Creativity seems to be flowing, too, and ideas for change keep popping into your head. Some of these will be new ideas. Many of them are likely to be reworkings and adaptations of old ideas. Whichever it is the feeling of forward momentum is there and can make you feel giddy at times.

Tristitia in the 2nd house (Libra) indicates that later in the week you will find that the task changes to sifting the ideas rather than simply creating them. Find out which are the best ways forward among whatever you’ve currently come up with and which should be cultivated further.

At first sight this will seem easy, but it comes with a note of caution. Be careful that you are not too ruthless in your choices. For example, it can be very tempting to collect all the ‘obviously right’ ideas together. This is termed ‘picking the low-hanging fruit’ in the orchard. But sometimes you need to pause a little and to fully assess the situation. Maybe a tree (or situation) which is a little less accessible initially has much better fruit on it, if only you make the effort to overcome the initial difficulties of getting to it.

It is that reaching for higher and further, rather than for the obvious, which can yield much better results. Making lightening judgements might feel good or easy—but easy is not always best.

The Pars Solii in the 7th house (Pisces) gives an interesting addition here. Given all the ideas and options flying around you need to avoid over-confidence in your intuition. Specifically, just because an idea pops into your head straight away as a solution to a problem don’t assume that it is your intuition talking. Intuition usually comes with a feeling of certainty. Look for that, too. In that way you will avoid falling into the trap of simply wishful thinking.

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Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Albus (34) in the 8th house (Aries). This shows clearly that thoughts have consequences. Whichever way you go and whichever options you settle on you will still have things to do and to learn no matter how good your thinking was.

It warns against believing in a run of luck or that anything is a dead certainty. It means that everything has implications and therefore to avoid getting carried away in a head-long rush of enthusiasm. Try to avoid getting taken in with your own brilliance! Yes, you’re good. Yes, the ideas are clever. But make sure that they are actually working for you.

Just because something seems easy at the start it doesn’t mean that it will continue that way. Likewise, what is difficult at first can get easier later. Use your mental power this week to sort out which is which.



There was also a Rogue in the Casting: Tristitia in the 11th house (Cancer). This suggests that you might need or would benefit from the help of old friends or other ‘forgotten’ resource. Just be humble and ask.


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