Loosen Up

Conjunctio + Fortuna Minor → Amissio (23)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 19th September 2021

Conjunctio in the 6th house (Aquarius) starts off the interpretation of this interesting and emphatic Casting this week. There is a conjunction of all the geomes in the 6th house with the Pars Mercurii adding an useful caution in the 1st house, as we shall see.

So… Conjunctio here is full of ideas. It suggests that you will be fairly bubbling with ideas and approaches to solving problems and situations (usually for other people) this week.

You are likely to find, too, that you can remain relatively dispassionate about some of the suggestions you make, largely because they don’t directly affect you. That is something you will need to be cautious about though. You could easily find that people expect you to take on the responsibility for action just because you made the suggestion! Be clear from the outset as to who will be responsible for actually doing the work. Helping others is one thing, doing is quite another.

When it comes to your own plans and actions remember, too, that it is not sufficient to simply have ideas. These ideas need to be tested, sorted, assessed as to value and then actioned. Just because something can be done, it doesn’t mean it should be done!

Fortuna Minor is also in the 6th house (Aquarius) and points to the necessity of you making some changes, largely through your own physical effort.

This follows on neatly from the previous geome: If you have promised too much and are committed to serving others you will not have the time needed to work on your own projects. The problem is not so much that you are helping others, but that you could easily be over-committed. ‘Busy’ can be fun. ‘Too busy’ can be stressful or positively harmful to your own interests!

(Just in case you feel that you would be being terrible if you didn’t help, take a moment to wonder if the help would be mutual… would they help you as much as you are helping them? Are they ‘takers’ only or would they ‘give’ equally, too? Take care that you are not used!)

The Pars Mercurii this week is in the first house (Virgo). This is the natural house in which the conjunction in the 6th would normally reside. That means that this is an important qualifier to the Casting. Here it shows the necessity of being detached from your advanced plans. In other words, you don’t need to get too creative about all the possibilities open to you. Stick to what is obvious and most likely to be workable.

Most importantly—and actually the key to the whole Casting— is the need to loosen up. Don’t commit too much or too early. Don’t insist on only one approach, but also don’t insist on keep looking for options. Strike a sensible working balance. Don’t try to seek perfection.

Loosen up, pikrepo.com, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Amissio (23) in the 6th house (Aquarius). This gives a strong reason as to why good judgement was needed throughout the week. If you want to capitalise on Flow this week you are likely to need to be light on your feet and to act on new thoughts and to practise new ways of doing things.

Your thoughts and plans therefore need to have been considered and optimised well before you start acting on them.

When resources are limited you need to be very focused.

It is better to untie knots rather than cutting the rope.

And don’t tighten knots too tightly in the first place.


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