The Returning Hero Helps Cook Dinner

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 26th July 2015


This week sees what looks like the conclusion of a cooperative project. This ending is something which is, or which needs to be, reached with others.

It might seem as though the work has been hard work so far. But as things wrap-up you won’t want to rush the last few details.

Square things away and make sure as far as you can that the remaining points are completed with no messy hanging ends.

This might not always be as simple to do as it is to say, particularly if that are any last-minute surprises.

But if you can anticipate that there may will be challenges to overcome at least you won’t end up feeling exasperated when they arrive. Forewarned is forearmed.

The Flow shows that you will head towards a successful conclusion.

When you return after your battles you might find there is some repair work to be done close to home.

You need to attend to those details to in order to re-establish your inner calm.

And one of the best ways to do this will be by recognising that what is done is done and by making inclusive plans for where you will go next.


[bctt tweet=”What is done is done so make inclusive plans for where you will go next.“]


Take control of your Destiny


When we look at the Active Transform we see Albus in the first house (Cancer). This is your way forward. It suggests you will need to nurture those you care about — and yourself.

Put yourself back into your life.

Be sensitive warm. Look after your nearest and dearest — and then go deeper.

Celebrate your return and your successes.

Once everything is done there is no more to do.

Reconnect with those you care about — you’ve been missed.

Prepare to move on with them in wisdom, humility and sensitivity.




There were three rogues this week: Laetitia, Tristitia and Carcer.


These add colour to the reading:

You’ll soon be starting the next project, but it will be quite different in many ways.

Leave what is done behind.

Finish but do not try to perfect.



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