In My Own Good Time (Or Not At All)

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 19th July 2015


There are lots of demands on your time, energy and efforts this week. You’re going to be expected to keep someone happy but you shouldn’t allow them to monopolise your time. There seem to be just too many requests and not enough time for you.

And the one thing people need to know about you this week is that they will only get your best if they don’t demand things of you.

You have the capacity and energy to help them, but unless they change their attitude everyone is going to feel chained by circumstance.

You will need to be strict in what resources you let them have and then you’ll need to set clear limits.

When you’ve done that then you will be able to sweeten your mood and your nature. You can then accommodate more of their wishes, but not before that. They need to do a bit of giving first before they can expect to take.

Naturally, they will think that you are being awkward towards them, that you are being demanding and wanting things your own way. But they need to realise that if it is your castle then it’s your rules.


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Take control of your Destiny


Given the Flow will then pass through Laetitia in Leo it’s likely that your best approach will be to charm them. Be magnanimous, but do it your way. Relaxation and progress lie outside the current situation. If you can do this then you will be able to build.

Once you are more in charge you will be able to get a more positive working relationship and be able to seem quite selfless and cooperative.

Given the square aspect between the geomes it’s unlikely that you’ll see matters cleared up completely this week. But at least you are more likely to arrive at a workable solution for everyone concerned.

(The Flow indicates people being demanding and unreasonable towards you. You get demanding and reasonable back, and the ripples spread outwards…

… Action and reaction reinforcing and perpetuating each other…

And thus the character of Flow is maintained through your thoughts and actions…

And the Flow goes ever onwards…)

You know where your best lies and who deserves it.

Reaffirm and reconnect with those bright things in your future.

Reconnect and you’ll see your lifeline shining brightly — and you will know that it is always within your grasp.




The rogues this week are Albus transitioning to Fortuna Major.

The message is clear: Your thoughts will set you free.



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