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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 24th May 2015


This week provides you with a new way forward. And Tristitia in the 12th is likely to do this in a way that is not ‘straightforward’.

What won’t be a surprise is that you are feeling as though you are not quite connecting start of the week. Subconsciously you will know that something needs internal adjustment. But given the opposition between the two geomes you are likely to find that you want to change as much as you don’t want to change.

There’s the dilemma!

The Flow is indicating that if you do nothing then you will find the pressure on you eventually eases, but that is to waste an opportunity. You will find that it is ultimately much more enriching to explore what needs to change.

In an interesting development, work is likely to play a role in this. Work pressures will either drive out your desire for internal development (bad thing), or you will get so fed up with the material needs being placed on you that you keep coming back to your own development,just like having an annoying pip stuck between your teeth.

Caput Draconis in the sixth shows that whatever way you choose — to keep your thoughts in the material world or to probe your own thoughts deeper — could have some fateful consequences. This is an important moment of decision for your current growth.

Caput Draconis points clearly to this choice: the two taps at Levels 2 and 3 of Tristitia have collapsed showing that in some way you will be taken out of the equation. The question is who decides that?

To capitalise on the Flow you will be the person who makes that decision. So how do you do that?

You throw yourself into the pond.


A Pond By Monedula, CC


Take control of your Destiny

So far you have been getting in your own way. You are looking for a solution to your problems on your own terms. This is unlikely to work at the moment.

It’s more likely that ‘everything’ is up for grabs when it comes to helping you move forward at the moment.

Throwing yourself in the pond means you need to get deeply in touch with yourself – so deeply that you lose yourself.

The Active Transform of Conjunctio (4), reflected back into the 12th house (Aries), gives a very interesting new picture of you and your situation.

If you are ready to throw yourself in to the pond you will stop thinking the way you have been doing.

Throw yourself in and will you fully understand these words:


When you get out you will not be the same person.

When you get out it will not be the same pond.




Either way seems to make progress.

Only one way does.


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