A Little Something Of Your Own Devising

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 31st May 2015


You could be forgiven for thinking that you don’t know what to say or do at the start of the week. You seem to be looking for something, but you do not seem quite sure what it is.

Other people will feel quite demanding, pushing for results and quick answers, and you probably won’t feel in the mood to oblige them. It is also likely that you still have some ‘subconscious work’ carried over from last week. This gives you the overall feeling that nothing is quite satisfying on its own.

Fortunately we will have to look far to find a solution, even though at first the solution seems unlikely.

So, where do we look when we think that things are not working and life? Well, sometimes we blame others, but in this case you may be getting the feeling that you are somehow responsible. In fact, a more accurate way to put it would be that you are responsible, but that you are not to blame!

The sextile between the paired Cauda Draconis geomes this week will eventually give you a feeling that the solution was under your nose all the time. However, I’m getting ahead of myself…

The people you work with and even loved ones may feel a little like strangers at times. It would be natural if you felt the need to withdraw from them in some way. But please don’t do anything so rash.

The solution to your situation actually lies in a seemingly unrelated area. You feel too emotionally attached, perhaps to possessive of ideas and approaches. This again is understandable: you know what works and you know what doesn’t. Only this time what did work in the past isn’t working at the moment. Why not?

The resolution to the Flow comes when we knock these two situations together and discover the underlying cause. When you realise, reassess and release your emotional attachments your depth of communication with others will dramatically improve. The Flow indicates that what has been happening is a kind of stranglehold of emotional certainty. This stranglehold has been overloading one side of you as much as it has been impoverishing the other.

Let go of the past. Trust yourself. Trust the people you’re with. The key will be a ‘reasoned letting go’.


Take control of your Destiny


Once we strip away harsh and unfulfilling control and commit to being our full and true selves something remarkable happens. Existing problems disappear and a whole new world of opportunities open up.

The Active Transform this week is Populus (123) in the fourth house (Leo). This shows that once we have let go and have ‘come home to ourselves’ we can reconnect with our true wholesome nature. And it is from this solid, grounded base that we can explore new vistas.

The more you let go and be your true self — instead of what you think should work — the more you are likely to realise that there is a difference between control and controlling.

Let out what is in to let in what is out.

Complete, don’t compete.




Rubeus morphing into Laetitia.

Using the Four Levels model we can see that these two geomes provide a beautiful summary of the reading above: get out of your own head and grow yourself.


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