The Obvious Choice

There have been high winds in the UK over the last few days and the leaves have been cascading off the trees. Given the extremely warm summer we’ve had in the northern hemisphere this year it’s likely that many of the leaves are already ‘distressed’ making the fall very likely to be quick, too.

So, if you want to join in the fun for this year in Touching the hair of the Goddess then you will probably need to get out there quickly! Take a photo of the leaf you catch and I’ll post it here.



We went out this afternoon and I caught my first leaf of the season:

Running to touch…


A unique moment

I was contacted by Ed, one of the astrogemanti in Connecticut, USA (and number 19 of the 1600) earlier today to say that he had caught one after he quit trying for three days! So don’t give up. Or rather do give up but then keep trying…



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Rubeus + Tristitia → Acqusitio (2)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 14th October 2018


You are likely to feel a strong urge to get your ideas out and to communicate this week. Rubeus in the ninth house (Gemini) shows that you have got so much to say, so much to teach and so much to give. You are more than happy to teach by example and to embody what you want to communicate. This wish to communicate, to teach and to involve others can be so strong that you might be tempted to not consider how you are communicating, but that would limit your potential effectiveness.

It’s understandable that the desire to move people and your overall enthusiasm should carry the day, but there’s a little more to it. Whilst you feel strongly motivated to live your message there is more you could do to make it resonate with others.

The bridge to the second geome will be to make a change in how you go about sharing how you would like the future to be. The key will be to avoid doing things the old traditional way. Add your unique ideas and approach into the message. Show and say your way of doing things.

Tristitia in the first house (Libra) shows that later in the week you are likely to find opportunities for rapid change. If you are in Flow then it is you who will be calling the shots and creating the change. Otherwise, you are likely to just find situations altering fast around you.

There are likely to be several changes that occur around you and you will need to find the best way forward. Libra here shows you will need to weigh up your choices and to find an even path through.

Wrong choices will be noticed quickly. This is a good thing as it will mean that you can of course-correct quite quickly before any lack of progress is noticed and before any damage is done. To make the best use of that, avoid burning your bridges when you move forwards in a particular direction. Seek to find harmony between what you feel and what you think… and then move forward to do.

In finding this harmonious way forward, look to make the obvious choice. You should be able to feel and know what is obvious to you.


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, October, 2018, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

The Obvious Choice, Martin Reisch, Unsplash, (CC0)

When you feel as though there’s too much going on, when you feel hemmed in on all sides, when you don’t know which option and way forward to take, then simply pause, clear your mind, and look to find an obvious way forward in which you can add something unique to a situation which benefits all.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Acquisitio (2) in the fifth house (Aquarius). This is also the house in which we find the Pars Plutii. As usual in these cases, the solution to your problems lies within the nature of the problem itself.

In this case, to best connect with others, you will need to start with their thoughts but — importantly — in a way which feels uniquely right to you. This will only happen if you do it by adding in that magic ingredient of you. You must bring something new to your connection with others: a new idea, a new way of saying it, a way of connecting with more people.

If you can do this you are likely to notice significant social gain. How you present yourself will then generate a broader appeal.

Look to produce or involve expansion of some kind. Let thoughts expand.

That in turn will energise you.

You’ll find that is less effort and more efficient.

Sharing is loving — please spread the word of geomancy by sharing this casting with your friends and followers.

Thank you.


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