The Horse Starts Walking


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Puella + Puer → Conjunctio (134)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 22ndApril 2018

Today is Earth Day 2018. It’s current drive is to reduce and remove plastic waste, particularly from the oceans. You can find out more about Earth Day here. You can also download resources to show you how much plastic you’re using and find ways to reduce how much you use. If you want to help make a change to all life on the planet then this is a good place to start.

This week the Casting shows you getting more of what you want. The question is, will you be able to handle it?

Puella in the third house (Gemini) shows that you have been itching to make a change to something for some time. Talking about it has not been enough, however. And it’s not enough to just draw up plans either. Now it’s time for action to be taken.

It’s interesting that you have seen some things swirling around in the melting pot recently. Some good ideas have been produced. Useful conversations have been had. And you’re definitely talking and thinking on the right lines. Even when things haven’t gone quite according to plan it seems that you’ve been able to learn something from the situation. This has sometimes required you to make a bit of a detour, but you’ve managed to get back on track okay. Things are about to change this week with regard to that, however.

The Pars Venusii this week is in the eighth house (Scorpio). It shows that you have been trying to get your own way with others about some important matters. And whilst they may have agreed with you in general terms little action seems to have been taken by them. It’s not enough for others to act as a sounding board though. You are looking for active participants! And it looks like movement is about to begin.

Puer in the eighth house (Scorpio) shows that what was once an obstacle is now starting to shift, building strength as it does so. Now whilst that might seem like you’re getting your way, Flow shows that it may not be quite how you imagined it to be.

You see, if you want to move something big then the direction of movement can be a little unpredictable at times:

Imagine that you are sitting on a reluctant horse. You can dig your heels into its ribs all you like but unless it wants to go it’s not likely to shift. It’s as though it can sense any inexperience from you. Also, if it’s a very big horse, it knows that once it starts moving it’s likely to have to commit to staying moving. And unless everything is right it’s not likely to want to make that commitment.


Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, April, 2018, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy, Personal, Development, Productivity

Going with the horse, Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho, Unsplash, (CC0) (700)

So if it seems that you are finally getting some movement it might not be quite how you envisioned it. Flow suggests that you simply go with it, though. Any movement is better than no movement at the moment. You can think about how you are progressing once everyone has got the idea of forward movement firmly in place. If you try to force not only change but also direction then you may halt your own progress if you’re not careful. Just go with it and start to build the momentum, for the time being.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Conjunctio (134) in the first house (Aries). Conjunctio here is an interesting placement as it speaks to all the energy, thought and change in the rest of the Casting. It shows that you can now draw on inspiration and energy to produce the results you want.

To do this will probably require you to move, think and communicate in a new way.

It’s not so much that you have to open up a new channel, but rather to follow the natural movement which you have set up and which other people are taking, following your lead.

If you have set up the initial conditions correctly in all your conversations and planning then others will have taken what you have said literally. When they do so they will be moving forward. And when they do it will be too late for you to start offering corrections and detail. When matters start to move you must move with them — after all you started it!

This is interesting because the new channel which opens up for you will be to accept the consequences of your own actions, based on your own plans.

This is tough medicine.

You want it your way, but you need to ride the flow of events, following where the big horse leads.

It’s not them, it’s you.

Do it.

Show it.

Don’t just know it.

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