The Hidden End

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 1st September 2014

This week provides an object lesson in being able to jumpstart your own fortune.

Many people would see the switch that is about to happen have been some kind of wasted effort but that is most certainly not the case!  It is true that what you’re working towards and what is likely to happen are going to be different this week, but this is as it should be…

At the moment you seem to be in the mood to seek people out and to try to get on the right side of them.  Whilst this is commendable in its way and it is important to be pleasant to others, especially when you hope to gain their cooperation, you will find that they are more interested in practical results than in sociability.

This might seem a little confusing or even disappointing to you.  After all, you want to make everyone’s life a little better, don’t you?   So when they just seem to want to ‘cut to the action’ it might seem like your pleasant manner is being rebuffed.  This isn’t the case though.  The fact is that you will be being quickly weighed up and your offering scrutinised.  If you are not up to the mark then you won’t even get out of the starting blocks let alone as far as a discussion.  The fact that others are prepared to listen to what you have to say indicates that there is already something they like about you.  But that on its own won’t be enough.  You will probably have to demonstrate practically that you have something they want.

Of course you will need to do this in a pleasant way, but it may seem that at every turn they want something more and different than you expected.

And even if they eventually do end up going along with your ideas you may feel that what you started out discussing and how it actually ended up are worlds apart.

Take control of your Destiny

The clue to unpicking this reading actually lies within the Active Transform which this week is Via (13).  This shows that what you are working on at the moment needs to undergo a change.  A change of pace, a change of direction, a change of emphasis… Something will have to change about your offering and you need to be in a position to both recognise what it is and to make it happen.

Via shows that there is much in the way of possibility to be realised when working with others.  The best way to do this is to make sure that you do the thinking and preparation necessary ahead of time to develop, adapt and expand the appeal of your ideas.  This will help keep you sane!

You need to realise that you have the core of something valuable which can be shaped in a variety of ways to suit yours and other people’s needs.  There is a significant opportunity which can open up to you if you remain flexible.

You are likely to think you have come to the end of the matter this week, but it is not the end.  The end is hidden as yet.  And when the end of the matter does come it will be one of your making, not theirs.


The focus this week shifts from ‘internal mental’ and ‘external physical’ looked at from your perspective, to ‘external mental’ and ‘internal physical’ looked at from the world of work.  Leo will provide sociability, Capricorn will provide the need for practical hard work.

It is the sudden shift to Via’s moon in the 11th (Gemini) which shows how mobile the situation can – and should – become.  These are very shifting waters and if you can stay mentally and emotionally upright this will be a time to capitalise on opportunities presented to you.


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