Prepare the ground and then smile

Your hard work pays off but you’ll need to soften your approach both for your own benefit and to help others You have probably been plugging away at trying to make changes in your life and have found that progress has seemed to be difficult so far. Ideas which you […]

Don’t Look For An Answer, Just Trust The Process

This week sees plans becoming more realistic though not in the way we thought they would The mood this week starts with ideas swirling around and not really coming to any conclusion. In a work situation particularly you are likely to see several changes of direction, both in the job […]

Finally It’s Go, But It Could Be More Graceful

You finally get a chance to do what you want to this week – it would just have been nice if they’d asked nicely though. Still, you can’t have everything (or at least, not at the moment, it would seem). This week will seem like a bit of a roller-coaster […]