Trouble At The Mill

“Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small” is the usual quote. This week sees the mill grinding a bit quicker than usual, but it’s still going to be a grind though.  Just to sweeten things a little, however, there will be some light at the […]

You Need To Look At The Map Twice

Here we see a lovely trine between the geomes again providing us with an excellent opportunity to expand our horizons. Following on the beneficent theme from last week, Puella still plays her part, this time from the fifth house.  This means that we can expect that our social interactions and […]

More Reward Than At First It Seems

This week provides the opportunity to capitalise on things you care about.  And you’ll be able to deepen your understanding and appreciation of them, too. With Puella in the eighth house you’ll really feel an increase in intensity of those things you already feel passionately about.  Puella lets you express […]

Too Close And Too Comfortable

This week sees a whirl of social interaction.  Nice, but it’s not what you need Here we see the whole of the casting packed into the fifth house (Aquarius).  This gives an overall feeling of detachment to your interactions this week but with some powerful influences in the form of […]

A Quick Word Lights The Fuse

This week we see the power of communication to produce some powerful shifts To say that this week has the potential to bring far reaching consequences is an understatement. Both aspects of Mercury are present in both Conjunctio and Albus and culminate in Rubeus giving a shift in both consciousness […]