geomantic divination

Will You Lead The Dance?

The Flow could take you either way this week.  It does not play favorites.  Will you lead or will you be led. . . Think of swimming in the sea of life. We can think of the Flow as being ‘the mood’ of the ocean. Are you swimming with the […]

What To Do When Everyone Agrees With You

It’s great that people finally seem to understand what you want to do.  You will get some of the confirmation you need that you’re on the right track. But there are two things you must do to keep everyone happy. . . This week sees the Flow going very much […]

How To Stop Your Life From Going In Circles

If you feel you are going round in circles this week then here’s how to break free This week shows a very unusual casting with both aspects of the Moon conjunct in the house of relationships with others. This gives a very clear indication that relationships are, or should be, […]

Ignore Success And Look For Insecurity Instead

How to avoid the slippery slope that will keep you from your dreams. This week will see you making breakthroughs after a long period of work. Great!  But there lies the problem. If you focus on those results, relax and start patting yourself on the back you are likely to […]