What To Do When Everyone Agrees With You

It’s great that people finally seem to understand what you want to do.  You will get some of the confirmation you need that you’re on the right track. But there are two things you must do to keep everyone happy. . .

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Astrogem casting for week commencing 5th August 2013

This week sees the Flow going very much your way. Puella in the second house shows that what is near and dear to you will be able to bear much fruit.

You’ve been working hard and you have waiting long.  Your efforts have a good chance of starting to pay off this week. We do need to be aware, however, that despite the Expanding pattern of the geomes that they are in a square aspect.

Puella in the second house and in Virgo suggest that your quiet dedicated persistence is going to be recognised.  Of course, you have seen the value of your ideas and projects for quite some time!  You already know their worth.  But now others will show you that they understand and appreciate what you have been working towards.

Well placed

This week brings you a real sense of being in the right place at the right time. It’s always nice to have your ideas accepted.  And you will find that the more you offer a service and the more people can see that you are seeking to connect with them, the better they will like it.

In Puella we see all that is beautiful and we can appreciate beauty from a mental and spiritual standpoint.  The expanding Flow of Puella to Albus takes the concept of ‘beautiful ideas’ a stage further and lets you know that you will be able easily to communicate your ideas of what is good and lovely to others.  They will understand and ‘get you’.

This should be fairly easy.  None of this will really demand much from you in a physical or practical sense (single tap at Level 3).  Your ideas will be appreciated for just what they are.  Albus is also in it’s natural sign of Gemini so you can expect that ideas will be free-flowing between you and whatever audience you seek to influence this week.

Let go of the baby

You will have been thinking matters through for some time and your ideas are very precious to you.  After all, you’ll have have been thinking about them and polishing them for some time.  They will reflect a lot about you and what you stand for.  When others think that they are brilliant too, it’s only natural then that you’ll feel a sense of pride and pleasure.

You can see that Albus maintains the two taps at Level 2 from Puella.  This is great news for continuing and building on your thoughts and ideas.  So not only are your ideas understood but people will start working on permutations and adaptations.  They want to start working on them an using them in their own lives and circumstances.  The square suggests that it will be understandable if you get protective towards your cherished dreams.  The important thing is to get you ideas out there, of course.

It also gives a very clear and useful indication that you will need to consider the physical and practical implications of what you have previously only of thinking about.  That’s something that has not been fully explored as yet.  Let’s look at that. . .

Firstly, it’s likely that people will understand the general approach you are taking. And while you can see the beauty and refinement in your ideas it is important that you don’t spell out the detail to them!  To describe why something is beautiful will spoil that beauty. Keep to the overall picture.  The whole will be more attractive than looking at the individual parts.

Take control of your Destiny

There is another reason though why it is useful to keep to generalities rather than breaking things down this week.  Adding the geomes gives us Carcer (134):

Astrogem, Geomancy, Geomantic, Divination, August, 2013, Geomantic Divination, Horoscope, Astrogem Geomancy,

Active Transform Carcer (134)

Carcer in the eighth house (Pisces) reminds us that we will have to be mindful of that square.  Carcer here is a sign of restriction and that you will need to be careful over practical matters.  Specifically it is warning you not to get too carried away by everyone saying how marvellous you are.

Point out the path they must walk

Some of those you seek to influence this week will be only too pleased to let you work out all their details for them, which wasn’t part of the deal at all!  The fact is that while they like your ideas they will need to put in some of the effort into realising their results for themselves. They can’t and mustn’t expect you to do everything.  There’s only so much of a helping hand and a guide that you should give them.  Without some effort on their part they will never full appreciate what’s involved.

Change minds early

It’s also warning that you shouldn’t promise too much.  Any help you give this week will never be able to cover all eventualities – that would be impossible.  It also means is that you will need to watch out for people taking your beautiful advice, changing it and then complaining that it doesn’t work!

The new taps in Carcer warn that you will need to clear up any misunderstandings right from the start.  You’ll probably be amazed at the number of ways people will be able to misunderstand simple instructions and intentions this week!

You may find it exasperating having to clear up other people’s mess.  Coming up with the good ideas was the easy part in comparison.  But knowing that you have something useful to contribute will help ease your frustrations.

What to do this week

  1. Be prepared for people to start doing what you suggest
  2. Be aware that they will probably start to change things to adapt your ideas to their specific needs
  3. Let them know that you’re not going to run around after them and that you have already put in a lot of work getting things this far.
  4. Also let them know that any changes are they make are on their own heads
  5. Be crystal clear in your instructions but be prepared for them to be misunderstood
  6. Expect to have to help people get practical in order to implement the details


Winning an argument about a journey’s destination

Does not make the destination any closer.


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