The Power Of The Aftermath


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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 13th October 2014


If you throw everything you can into your work this week you are likely to get some movement on the things closest to your heart.

This is likely to be somewhat subtle at first – tenuous even.  When I saw this combination of geomes it reminded me of the after-the-party feeling you can get when you have done all you can and now it’s time for others to carry on.

Very often at the height of the wedding celebration the newly married couple leave to start their new life together, allowing the rest of the wedding party to continue to enjoy the celebrations.  The newlyweds have now to start making good on their promises to each other.  That beautifully captures the feeling of the expression of these geomes this week.

The external physical foundations may be laid and will form a firm foundation on which you can build.  Turn dreams into practical reality, but be aware that any new ventures will need to be nurtured.

While it is true that in one hand you may feel a new creative union of ideas is available, you should press – gently – to make these ideas and intentions demonstrable and obvious in a practical sense.

If you can do that the results are likely to surprise you…


Take control of your Destiny


The nature of the surprise is likely to be twofold.

Firstly, you will probably see a change in the way that various tasks can, or are, being done.  Then, secondly, you may be pleasantly surprised to see the energy which is generated in that process.

The fire of Aries will meet the water of Scorpio in a Level 4 physical expression of power.

The fire and water will produce steam and your task will be to keep the water from dousing the fire and the fire from causing the water to boil dry.

If you can manage to get the combination right you’ll find that the steam can provide enough energy to power an engine!




When Populus appears as the first geome the second geome remains unchanged.  This means that the placement of the house and sign then becomes very significant in the expression of the Active Transform.

In this case, whilst the tenuous and imaginatively creative aspects of a Piscean Level 4 of Cauda Draconis become expressed in partnership in the seventh house it is the shift to Cauda Draconis in the eighth which brings a dramatic change in energy and application.

The combination of Aries’s headstrong fire in watery Scorpio’s natural house in an external physical expression is a heady combination.  So if you can keep your head and channel the steam produced the transformation potential is remarkable and huge.


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