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Via + Populus → Via (1234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 2nd June 2024

Talk about the Moon in June! With this much Lunar influence you are likely to be very tuned in to your own and others feelings. Not only that but the ebbing and flowing of the situations around you should be obvious. But there is a bigger trend within Flow, that of starting, finishing and starting again. Watch out for the effect of the next New Moon on Thursday 6th June.


Via in the 4th house (Leo) is trine to the second geome and this is a very auspicious sign from an astrological point of view. From the geomantic point of view it is concerned with new signs and opportunities on the home front, filled with warmth and protection and generosity of feeling.

You are likely to find yourself at the centre of matters this week with you very much calling the shots. You are likely to be deciding who and what goes where and when.

(There is a drive to create and also to entertain and this needs to be kept in mind with reference to the Pars Luna as described shortly.)

This will be a time of opening up of possibilities and opportunities—a time when you can really express your creative energies. Specifically, it seems like a time to take and use opportunities rather than to create them.

Populus in the 8th house (Sagittarius) offers a higher and more thought-related atmosphere later in the week. It represents more of the fullness or depth of learning and energy you can bring to complete changing situations.

This might show itself in the energy with which you run around finalising details or it might be that you provide some masterstroke to bring matters to completion.

It is interesting how Flow is going from the ‘first’ geome to the ‘last’ geome in the cycle so quickly. It seems a very short venture or, more likely, that matters suddenly ripen or gel and that you are moving quickly to start the harvest and lock in the results.

Either way, it is a time of progress and energy.

The Pars Luna is in the 5th house (Virgo) this week and offers a cautionary note not to get caught up in the charms of socialising too much. Don’t let yourself get distracted by the wants of others but carry them along with the goodness you can provide instead. As a way to make the distinction here, throw the party yourself rather than accepting the invitation to someone else’s. Your terms rather than theirs, but it’s still a party!

Start Finish Start, Gerd Altmann, Pixabay, (CC0)

Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Via (1234) in the 12th house (Aries). This is a very interesting placement following on from the first two fiery (sign) placements. This shows Flow taking an inward direction, focusing on your intuition and new realisations.

There is again an indication that your will should be what drives your actions—don’t allow your time and other resources to be hijacked.

Much more positively you may find that new and superior qualities can start to emerge in your personality—it truly is a wonderful time for personal flowering.

This can be a very fulfilling time and is an additional benefit from the completion of the ‘start and finish’ process this week. That is because it brings with it a new start after the finish. It can bring out what’s in your soul.

‘No rest for the wicked’ may be a popular truism, so we might need to start a new one now: ‘Continuing growth for the good’!


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