Knight Defender

Caput Draconis + Amissio → Puer (234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 27th June 2021

Following on from last week’s post, at the Summer Solstice last Monday we planted out the trees we had grown from seed.

And here they are in their new homes:

Silver birch


It’s interesting to think of having given them a start in life and forever being part of their lifecycle.

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Caput Draconis in the 6th house (Scorpio) suggests that you will be exposed to new ideas in your work. Or perhaps it will be that your work will be exposed to your ideas for change (however you define ‘work’). Given the trine aspect between the geomes it is possible that the change could be either way—you to it, or it to you. Either way, you will likely find this a positive and overall beneficial time.

There could be a suggestion of significant change to or with work this week. This might relate to the nature of your job, your role or the actual work you choose to do. This is likely to involve some form of ‘mental injection’ of ideas or approach.

The Pars Draconii in the 9th house (Aquarius) indicates that just because something seems like a good idea or way forward you will need to be cautious. There is a clear difference between what you see as inspiration or intuition and what is actually unrealistic fantasy! Check for practical workability, not pie-in-the-sky nonsense and act accordingly.

Amissio in the 10th house (Pisces) indicates very strongly that Flow in all its forms will be important this week. This is a time when you should be able to feel it flowing and to see the patterns playing out in front of you. You will start to be able to use a degree of detachment in your circumstances to help you understand the bigger picture. There are always options!

Not all that is presented may be as it first seems. But this is something you will be able to see, think and feel your way through.

The key to doing this lies in where Flow is going next…

Knight Defender, Pikrepo, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Puer (234) in the 2nd house (Cancer). This strongly suggests new feelings about an issue. There is likely a problem or situation which needs resolving. You have your guard up and that is a good thing. Once you have your hard crab-shell guard in place you can then deploy your fearsome claws to your advantage.

Feelings may run high, but you are in an excellent position to defend. Wave your claws to warn them off, but don’t engage unless you absolutely need to do so.

If need be you can fight for what is right—and win.

Defend your position first. That may be enough.

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