You Know The Way But It Doesn’t Feel Right

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Carcer + Conjunctio → Via (14)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 21st February 2016


Carcer in the first house (Aquarius) this week starts off the casting showing that we feel slightly confused about matters this week.

We know what we want and where we are going. The plans are very clear. But something about them doesn’t seem quite right.

It’s not enough to be focused. We need to focus on the right things in the right way — let me explain:

You’ve been trying to make sense of things and to pull ideas and people together. But for whatever reason there seems a vital ingredient which is missing. How can that be? You’ve ticked off everything on the checklist. You know what you want and the way ahead seems clear. So why won’t things progress exactly as you want?

It’s likely that you’re trying to be definite about something which really can’t be pinned down. It needs a bit of give and take and personal adaptability when the situation arises. It needs you to be adaptable rather than rigid.

Conjunctio in the 11th house (Sagittarius) shows us that we need to be looking outside ourselves. It’s not that the answer is somewhere outside us but rather that we need to connect with a bit of chaos, a bit of variation, to be not quite so controlling.

This doesn’t mean abandoning your plans — far from it. Neither does it mean that you hand over responsibility to anyone else. And it certainly doesn’t mean you have to change your plans.

What it does mean is that you have to allow a little slack in the system. There needs to be some room for some give-and-take.

This allows you to see your way forward in a robust rather than a rigid way.


[bctt tweet=”Being robust rather than rigid”]


If you can do that, if you can be big enough to move forward without insisting on every detail being ‘just so’, then you can relax into the moment and make greater progress.

To do this Conjunctio suggests that you seek the inspiration for the results you want rather than the specific method of getting them. And how do you do that? You take any steppingstone which moves you forward so long as you are moving in the right direction.


Take control of your Destiny


Don’t compare yourself with others but instead let what they do and how they do it suggest possibilities to you.

Seek to understand in general terms what is going on. That is, try to find the principles and underlying rules without trying to be too definite. It’s like a recipe saying you need a ‘pinch’ of salt rather than giving due an exact weight in milligram. You don’t need to be too definite, just adapt and tweak it to taste.

Overall this allows you to look more broadly and that is the key lesson of the Active Transform Via (14) in the ninth house (Libra) this week.

In looking for the patterns and rules you are likely to find lots of coincidences.

Patterns within patterns, a bit like a Russian doll.

The lesson from the Active Transform is: Find what is similar between the dolls.


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