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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 14th July 2014

Connect with others and share your feelings this week.

This is a time for being demonstrative.  It is a time the sharing and of finding who has the same interests as you physically and mentally.

The best way to do this is to show your nurturing side.  Do not try to impose your feelings on others.  Just share your feelings, deeply.

Embrace others with love and be prepared to put yourself out for them physically.  This may mean sharing possessions in addition to sharing feelings.  The Flow this week will encourage and help you to get a close team around you.  Work towards creating a tight unit who feel and fight with – and for – the same things.

Both you and they will get mutual support in this way.  When you get hearts and minds really bonding together you will find that there is nothing that you cannot achieve!

Take control of your Destiny

Such stout minds and hearts could overcome a kingdom, but that should not be your intention at the moment.  And considering where the Flow is going to go that would not be to your advantage.

The best thing you can do at this time is to prepare, not to seek to overturn.

Find your rock-solid high ground.  Build your fortress.  Draw up your defence plans.

Find out who you can trust and who you can rely on.  You may need to sound people out quietly.  But make inroads in learning who is really on your team and who will stick with you in the times to come.


Conjunctio in the second (Cancer) is serving as a conduit for all things to do with emotions and possessions.  This is interesting given that this is such an externally expressive geome (two taps at Levels 1 and 4) in such a focused emotional house.

The semi-sextile to Rubeus in the third house (Leo) indicates that this is a time of brooding power and local change.

Normally you might think that the explosive power of the associated Pluto in such a regal sign as Leo would produce drastic changes.  But look carefully at the two geomes:

Conjunctio Flows into Rubeus with a simple change from one to two taps at Level 3.  This gives internal physical focus bringing this transformative power physically in close.

The Active Transform is Albus (23).

This is a very strong resonance force.  Albus is an aspect of Mercury, as is ConjunctioAlbus is also a ‘horizontal flipping’ of Rubeus.  This, combined with the semi-sextile, gives us a very tight combination keeping everything close in.  Given that the Active Transform is in Virgo and in the fourth we bring the power of Rubeus to a laser pinpoint of our home environment.

Power ² in our core!


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