Rubeus + Rubeus → Populus (2)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 5th November 2023

The first house (Ascendant) has featured in every Casting since the 17th of September. This is surely significant from the point of view of Flow, indicating that much of life is currently concerned with your perspective on what is happening. This could lead to a good deal of self-analysis, reflection or feeling that life is somewhat ‘in your face’ and demanding at present.

It seems that Flow is asking you to view situations from a particularly personal viewpoint, specifically: how the world affects you or how you affect the world. This week is no exception.

Events this week are likely to revolve around external situations and feelings affecting what you think and feel in your core. The deeper meaning is going to be about how much you let those situations and feelings affect you.

Rubeus in the 10th house (Cancer) indicates that you will likely encounter an emotionally charged atmosphere this week. That doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of shouting or anger. On the contrary, things could be very quiet. But the situation is likely to be somewhat intense in some way… Repressed feelings, strong expectations or unspoken passion, for example.

This atmosphere needs thinking about to decide the best response. The key will be to not let things run away with you too quickly. Pause. Consider.

Rubeus in the 1st house (Libra) takes this further. You will need to consider those things from your perspective combined with their implications. Will you let matters shape you or will you instead impose your will, personality or wishes on them?

Interestingly, Flow indicates that there is a third way. There could be an interplay, with the circumstances changing you and you changing the circumstances in turn.

It would be as if a block of marble was chipping away at the sculptor as much as the sculptor chipped away at the marble.

The Pars Plutii suggests that this whole process could be formative and memorable.

Sculpting, Matteo Orlandi, Pixabay


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Populus (2) in the 4th house (Capricorn). The end result of this interaction could be that a new accommodation is reached where both you and your surroundings are changed.

Will this be a life milestone, a hard-won point or simply a pressured week ending with a new understanding? Time will tell.

The major plus from this week will be the lessons learned about how to create unity, if not harmony.


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