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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 15th September 2014

It seems that you could do with a bit of help.  You have been working hard to make a statement about something and you have your plans clearly set.  You have been giving your own thinking some thought in order to make sure that you are on the right track.

This has led you to a place where you now feel you could make some progress but that you are not quite sure of the next step.  This is likely to be a result of all the mental influence from Fortuna Major in the 10th house.  Given that it is in Taurus it suggests that you have worked hard and long to get to your current state of mind.  You are also stubbornly clear on what you believe the next steps in your plans.

It seems that you would like to start making things happen more to your liking with regard to how you are seen.  To do this you need the cooperation of other people.  And this is where it starts to get interesting…

This week sees the appearance of that cooperation from others starting to happen.  I say appearance because the square between these geomes suggests that this will not be all that it appears at first sight.

Given how hard you have worked it is likely that you are likely to seize upon the offer of any help on the horizon.  However, you need to engage your critical faculties!  The change to Caput Draconis later this week shows that you will need to be careful of their intentions.

There is likely to be an allure, a charisma or charm and the desire to relinquish some of your stress.  But do not get taken in – instead you need to see behind the glass.  They will largely be working for their own interests and may promise much.  They are likely to be generally encouraging and they seem to have your best interests and those of your projects at heart.  But this is only true as long as it suits them.  Try to pin them down (which is not recommended!) and you will see that support quickly evaporate.

Is this all bad? No, not at all!  Firstly, it keeps you grounded and realistic.  Secondly, it reminds you that there is interest in what you do.  And thirdly, you will be better placed to know how best to capitalise on this…


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Rubeus (34) in the fourth house (Scorpio).  The lesson and new direction for you is likely to be opposite to what got you here now.  Instead of concerning yourself with how you seem to others you need to focus more on how you are in yourself.

Forget image.  Forget about looking the part.  What you have done so far is a ‘done deal’ – it’s time to find new growth.  And there’s only one person you can rely on for that.  Get a mirror and have a look at your team!  You don’t need the validation of others.  It’s nice, of course, but it’s not what you need.

The best thing you can do now is to train, practice, learn and get ready behind the scenes.




Fortuna Major in the 10th looks like a sunny and fortunate disposition for this geome.  However with a square aspect contracting to the seventh we see the condensation of Level 2.

Given that this is in the house of partnerships and in a hard astrological aspect we can expect the decreasing hold of mental influence in relation to others.  Given that Caput Draconis is in Aquarius we have some indication that this mental relationship with others is likely to be of a detached nature anyway.  This suggests that it will not be too harmful.  The net result is likely to be simply more illusion than difficulty.

The suggestion therefore is to not waste time on the promises from others.  The Flow then moves round to the fourth house showing that your focus really needs to be on the home front.

Given to new taps at Levels 3 and 4 efforts need to switch from the mental to the firmly physical.  Rubeus (34) in its natural sign of Scorpio shows that this is no time to pussyfoot around.  It is time to focus on strengthening your core.

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