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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 22th September 2014

As we move into the Equinox this week – which occurs at exactly 02:29 GMT on the 23rd September (22nd September for some of you – see map below) – you are likely to see the start of a shift in your thinking.

You been getting a lot of inspiration as to how things should be, or could be, in your life and now it’s time to start making more practical in-roads into realising your dreams.

The trick this week will be to keep your mind focused on exactly what it is you aim to do and – and this is the important part – to use only what you have around you at the moment.

You don’t need any more good ideas.  It would be too easy at the moment to get information overload.  Start building with the tools available to you now.

You have some definite objectives in mind about projects which could be brought to some kind of resolution.  Even if you aren’t in a position to finish things just yet you need at least to bring them to a state of readiness.


When and where the Equinox occurs

When and where the Equinox occurs


The shift in double taps from Level 1 in Fortuna Major to Level 3 in Carcer shows a clear indication that you need to move from thinking to doing.

Carcer is always a great teacher and this week the conjunction and Flow between the geomes shows every sign that the tide will be in your favour.  This comes with the proviso, however, that you really do get down to trying to achieve practical results – Carcer is nothing if not practical!

Both geomes are in Libra which suggests that you shouldn’t feel imposed upon or restricted in having to concentrate on getting physical results.  Rather you should relish the idea of taking what has been nebulous and ill-defined and start to create something of real value for yourself.

Not only that, but this should be a labour of love.  It will be something that you want to do, I suspect, because you’ve known for a little while now that you want to see results for their own sake rather than to prove anything to anyone else.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform is Amissio (34) is also in the second house.  This provides a very clear indication that you can have incredible concentration this week.  Everything is happening in the second house and so your energies are not being dissipated elsewhere.

Amissio (34) takes the two taps from Level (3) of Carcer and opens them out into two new double taps at Level (4) of Amissio showing that you will begin to realise your hopes and dreams by considering the practical aspect of how they will be used and implemented.  This is by far the best way to make sure that your ideas are workable.

Theories are not enough.  You need to be working with an eye to physical results of a practical nature which other people can see and touch.  Look always to shaping your actions as benefits to yourself and others.

I wish you a happy Marbon!




The conjunction in the second house gives a great deal of focus to events and ideas this week.

It is interesting to note the continuation of double taps at Level 2 from both parents to the Active Transform.  Current ideas are therefore likely to remain the same; what changes is the Level 1 external mental environment Flow to internal physical environment and ultimately external physical environment.

The planetary associations also give a clear story here.  The joy of the Sun (Fortuna major) passes through the practical mill of Saturn (Carcer) to Flow into Venus’s Amissio in harmony-seeking Libra.  Distilled down, thoughts need to be worked on and to be made beautiful in the eyes of others.


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