Preparing Your Spontaneity

Fortuna Minor + Fortuna Minor → Populus (2)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 21st June 2020

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This week sees the same geome appearing twice in the Casting. There was also something very unusual in this Casting that I’d not experienced before, so I thought I should pass it on. As I was putting the divination tools away the die fell out of the bag again. Now Rogues do happen in Astrogem as you probably know. A Rogue occurs when—just like in Tarot when a card ‘accidentally’ falls out of the deck to make itself known in the reading—this occurs with a geome / gemstone. But this is the first time just the die wanted to go Rogue! I’ve interpreted it as meaning “While there’s no specific action or information to be inferred, consider the Casting in this additional area”. In other words, it doesn’t change the essential message, but it does suggest a shading of the application of the interpretation.


Fortuna Minor in the sixth house (Scorpio) indicates that you are (or soon will be) doing a large amount of physical work. This effort is likely to be aimed at producing significant change—transformative change, in fact. That’s because something is needing radical revision in what you’re aiming to do. So it is not simply a matter of doing the work. There is also resistance, possibly from others, possibly with strong emotions involved, but it’s something that desperately needs doing. Given that the Casting has the positive sextile aspect this change will probably be seen as a necessary disruption to make things better. While people may not like change itself the end result will be worth it.

Let’s consider the matter of that Rogue die roll. It showed that there is an overarching or applied influence of the seventh house (Sagittarius). This suggests that while your focus will not directly be on other people, you should still work with them as your ultimate aim. In other words, whilst you do not need the help of others to make the changes you want, you should recognise that what you are doing will involve others and should be done with that wider view in mind.

The Pars Solii is in the 11th house (Aries) this week. This would normally indicate that old friends and acquaintances could be a problem in some way. However, the influence of the Rogue house suggests that it is only the active involvement of others which could cause the any difficulties. Consider others but know that what you are working on will ultimately be to others’ benefit and it can be done without their active participation for the moment.

Fortuna Minor in the eighth house (Capricorn) is Scorpio’s natural house but shows that a lot of the transformative change which needs to be made will be practical and physical in all likelihood. Be prepared for the change you are making to change the one who is making the change—that is, you.

Specifically, you are likely to be preparing and getting tooled up to do what you need to do. It’s about getting your kit together and being prepared.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Populus (12) in the 10th house (Pisces). This shows your clear outward focus for your ideas and the changes that you want to make. It also suggests that you approach what you are doing somewhat ‘politically’. This means by working with ‘the art of the possible’.

It suggests you will need to think carefully about how best and ‘right’ to get done what you want to get done. You need to get the right tools for the right job.

Preparing Your Spontaneity, Natalino D Amato, Unsplash, (CC0)

By being based on the rest of the Casting we can see that there is a great need for flexibility but that this should be based on having the knowledge of multiple possible approaches (which is what all the hard work was about).

So your creativity and imaginative solutions might seem impromptu, but they are actually not so. Your ability to meet and adapt to new situations will have been carefully thought out. It’s almost that you have a group of ideas which are universally applicable and because you been practising them to be deployed as soon as you need them it seems that you are improvising on the spot.

As Churchill once said “… I’m busy preparing my impromptu remarks.”

… detailed physical work, bringing about change, going through the hard grind to make it all right. And then, finally and imaginatively, dropping it in at exactly the right place will make you seem masterful at what you do.

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