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Conjunctio + Via → Carcer (23)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 28th June 2020

Conjunctio in the first house (Gemini) is in its natural sign this week. The first house placement gives it tremendous power to act as a conduit for the week ahead. Its association with Mercury gives it a great communicative power and being in Gemini suggests that there could be a deepening of communication to become ‘teaching’.

This is a very active placement. Being in the first house it suggests that much of this communication and teaching will be for, or about, yourself. The power of the placement and its trine aspect suggests that it won’t just be teaching for your benefit. In other words, you will be helping to teach others.

It may be that the teaching is internal to you and that you may end up mediating perspectives. Specifically, you will not be judging but rather acting as team leader or referee for different points of view. Assessing process, not content, is what will be needed.

Via in the fifth house (Libra) suggests many new openings in good relations with others. This may be such a smooth environment that you could be lured (or strongly sense the drive) to appease others. It would be better, however, to help bring about a balance to a fine point so that different views can harmonise.

Seek to balance opposites in harmony: Men should seek the feminine side; Women could benefit from a masculine approach or view.

The Pars Mercurii in the ninth house indicates that you are likely to be revisiting some of your philosophies and principles in order to realign them in the light of experience. You are likely to find that theories are just so much hot air without practical application to test them and to prove their worth.

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Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Carcer (23) in the ninth house (Aquarius). The balancing act you seek to accomplish this week therefore needs to be purposeful. In other words, rather than just equalising things you can benefit by looking for the greater meaning in what you seek. Different views can be reconciled by seeking a wider context.

This will involve you trying things. It means thinking new thoughts. It means doing new things.

But it means doing these in a controlled way.

The balance is to be found in looking at the wider picture and the practical doing.

Show your hard work and learning.

Manifest your learning in your life.

Live your philosophy, even if nobody is watching.

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