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Puer + Puer → Populus (3)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 24th March 2024

The Spring Equinox was on Wednesday the 20th—Happy Ostera! For traditionalists that means it was the middle of Spring. If, however, you are an astronomer (who defines sunrise and sunset differently—and makes life complicated) then the equilux probably occurred sometime around March 17th, depending on your exact latitude. If you are a meteorologist (who is more concerned with warmer weather—aw, bless!) then Spring is just getting started.


Puer in the 1st house (Pisces) kicks off the week by indicating that some plans need to crystallise. This is particularly important as it shows that you to do what you know you need to do, no more putting it off. Let’s not chastise here but simply recognise that at the moment things are muddy and that there are probably too many options distractions floating around.

Perhaps you are looking for motivation or inspiration? Unfortunately, that may be elusive. Perhaps you just see too many possibilities. Maybe there are just too many restless emotions. Are you looking for connection? Are you just being too nice? The thing is, matters can’t just be left to work out for themselves. Sometimes you need to take charge and decide to move and to not stop until you get where you’re going. The first part of the week is therefore concerned with the ‘Why’.

Puer is also in the 8th house (Libra) indicating the direction that matters will take later in the week. It indicates that not only do you need to make a decision about the way forward but that, even before that, you need to find a way to make the decisions which need to be made. In other words, how will you go about deciding matters? On price, merit, age, potential results, experience…? You might favour one way of doing things, but a different way which gets a better results might require more effort. The second part of the week is concerned with the ‘How’.

One thing you can do is to quickly narrow down options and find out what definitely won’t work. Remove fanciful (unworkable) options even if that means that the options left aren’t quite as desirable.

The Pars Martii also in the 8th house (Libra) gives a useful tip here: Focus. This means, stop trying to be nice and stop self-distracting. Stop being a people-pleaser. You need to be just and fair (especially to yourself).

Pick a side, Basanta Mondal, Pixabay, (CC0)

Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Populus (124) in the 3rd house (Taurus). This is a welcome relief from all the effort of getting to this position! It indicates that the end result of your battles this week will be the ability to adapt and be able to communicate your feelings in a straightforward and satisfactory way.

You will be able to come to terms with what needed doing.

That way you will be able to realize that you have made the right, even if not the easy, choice. You can do this because you did it. You made it happen.

(Edit: Perhaps Geomancers, astronomers and meteorologists could take some of this to heart in deciding exactly when Spring is!)




There was one Rogue this week: Caput Draconis in the 10th house (Sagittarius). Inspiration may come from a ‘teacher’. You may have already considered their point of view / advice and had dismissed it for some reason. Think again.


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