Aquisitio + Fortuna Major → Conjunctio (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 31st March 2024

Aquisitio in the 3rd house (Taurus) indicates that the start of the week presents new ideas and opportunities, probably for something you have already been thinking about or working on. It’s like a suggestion that ‘Here’s something that you could try’.

You may already be feeling quite sure of your direction but it seems that something new, or a better idea, is going to come along.

Of course, if it really is something new and better and which still takes account of your existing intentions and requirements, especially if it is in some way better, then it should be considered. The key to this is going to be in that word ‘considered’.

First, you would need to consider it yourself (privately) to see if it really is in line with your direction of travel and your intentions; is it a solid option and what specifically makes it ‘better’? Only when you’re sure about it might you want to discuss it with others.

Fortuna Major in the 2nd house indicates that you will need to be careful what you share with others. Not that there is any danger or difficulty in doing so but that the feedback you get from them might be a little ‘skewed’. You see, what family and close friends might say is likely to be positive. The reason it is skewed is because they have no skin in the game, i.e. they won’t be directly involved in any decisions you make and so they don’t have anything to lose.

Because you do have things to gain or lose decisions you make affect you more. It’s easy for them to make choices, decisions and to offer advice when there are no consequences for them being wrong. Take what they say with a pinch of salt, knowing they won’t have thought it through as much as you.

The Pars Jovii in the 2nd house (Taurus) reinforces that message. Don’t get carried away with ‘newness’, possibilities and ‘shiny toy’ syndrome. New doesn’t always mean better or improved. The major tip here when considering new opportunities for yourself will be to stay calm and on course first of all. Then make decisions based on keeping to what is known, definite, real, demonstrable and sure in use.


Experimental, Gerd Altmann, Pixabay, (CC0)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Conjunctio (24) in the 1st house (Pisces). When you boil things down, how much might actually change if you decide to take something on?

To find this out, the key piece of advice is to test the new possibilities without committing yourself to anything too heavily.

Aim to get sufficient evidence (or proof) that new things are going to work and make things better for you. Be experimental.

The chances are that new opportunities will give you a useful improvement to your current circumstances. But it needs to prove itself to you first.

Remember, it is you who is in charge of making any final decision that applies to you.


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