The Right Path

The moment of Yule, the winter solstice, occurs at precisely 1559 UT this coming Tuesday. I’m going to be out there, come rain or shine, taking a photo of the last sunset of the solar year on the Monday and the first sunrise of the new year on the Wednesday. […]

Trojan Horse

The Pars Venusii in the 6th house (Taurus) plays an important part in the Casting. It suggests that work and your feelings about it are likely to get in your way a little this week… Puella in the 12th house (Scorpio) indicate that hidden thoughts and motives are likely to […]


Fortuna Minor in the 3rd house (Capricorn) in a sextile aspect lends a nice and stable progress to Flow this week. It provides slow and durable interactions amongst your closest circle in the family and those with whom you work. It seems like there are certain obligations you’ll need to […]

Approaching An End

There seems to be, not unnaturally, a carry-over in Flow from last week’s Casting. Both the 6th and 1st house feature prominently. Populus in the 6th house (Aries) is conjunct to Amissio. Whenever a Casting starts with Populus it indicates that the message of Flow is of a culmination and […]

Let It Come

Amissio in the 11th house (Virgo) shows the week starting out with clear hopes, wishes and expectations. You know what you’re doing. You know what needs to happen. You are clear on the steps you need to take to reach your goals. All seems to be in place and you […]