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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 2nd March 2015


This week might seem like a bit of a grind overall. If it does, you’re probably missing the change which is happening…

Now, it will take physical effort to get your ideas out there, I know. And you are likely to be involved in some kind of travel and travel plans this week. (These may be a development from last week. These plans are less likely to be about you physically going somewhere at the moment and are more likely to be long term.)

The theme for you at the start of this week will be: stay calm and stay on track.

Juggling the various needs which both you and others are putting on your agenda this week won’t be easy. And interruptions are only going to be half of it!


Now the people you talk to will be moderately interested in what you have to say. Not as much as you had perhaps hoped at this stage, but it will be early days.

You are likely to find that despite being interested they are likely act distracted (both mentally and physically).  They will act as distracted externally as you feel yourself to be internally, actually. Everyone’s feeling distracted at the moment – torn this way and that. This might feel like you are trying to have a deep conversation with someone in a busy coffee shop!  What was supposed to be a gentle chat in soft tones now has to be shouted out over the loud noise around you both!

This is the kind of thing you get with geomes in opposition. However, knowledge of the AT will help in showing you the best way through this.


Take control of your Destiny


You will need to take a very simple and direct approach to getting your ideas across this week. Plans should not be too involved. Don’t go into too much detail. Just get a spark of interest where you can and let it go at that for the moment. You will also need to be seen to be offering a steady and reliable hand, so make sure you are clear in your own mind what you intend to do.

Being able to seem sure in turbulent times requires skill. Make sure you are prepared before talking.

The heading of this article may prove useful to you… Instead of reading it as a sentence, take each of the words as a suggestion…




Not a Rogue as such, but a geome I kept seeing in relation to this reading: Cauda Draconis.  You are likely to be interrupted a lot this week. While you may despair of getting any cooperation from others you should realise that they are busy.

Only what is uppermost in their mind will get attention.

This is likely to apply to you too. If it’s not imperative it probably won’t get attention.

And if even you can’t keep the focus on what is important to you, then how can you expect it from others?

Knowing that, what will you change in your approach?

One thing might help in addition:  Don’t be too hard on yourself and others.

Give them, and yourself, a break.




Oppositions are always exciting! This is a time of change and movement. Perhaps not much change from your perspective considering how hard it will probably feel, but you will need to capitalise on what possibilities there are.

Fortuna Minor shows you putting in a lot of time and effort to get the movement you want. Caput Draconis will then require a significant shifting of approach later in the week.  You’ll probably need to alter your position and view of the situation from what you want to what they need (two double taps in Fortuna Minor collapsing in a Contracting Flow but opening two new taps in Puella (12)). The opposition is going to put that Flow back into the ninth.

So from one perspective the opposition suggests that there is not much movement. On the other we see the Active Transform Puella (12) showing movement of Flow up the geome into other, new areas for you.

This is a Contracting and then Continuing Flow – a refocusing of attention. . . ours and other peoples’. Juggling your time will be an issue therefore, given both the opposition and the Rogue.


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