Losing Control

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 16th February 2015

To those who only look at the surface of things, this week will see very little change other than some minor completion of their affairs.

To those who understand geomancy and particularly the nature of Flow, this week gives a powerful lesson in just what impact you are making.

The reading is unusual in having identical gemstones/geomes and conjunct in the same house.  This might seem to indicate that there is simply ‘more of the same’ in the area of your external visibility in the world.  But that is not the case.

When we look deeper and we understand that the Flow transitions between these two geomes we can become aware of a ‘hardening’ of the approach which is used or taken.

Given that this occurs in the top two Levels of the geomes we can see that it is in the realm of ideas which will largely become fixed.  In other words, the ideas, plans and attitudes that are in motion at the moment become hardened, fixed and have to play out.  To that extent you have lost control of them.

This in turn means that there is little you can do to stop whatever story is unfolding around you at the moment.  You have set your course and you have set various energies in motion and so the play must continue until the end.

Now this could indicate that you can take a hands-off approach to life if all is going well.  It might also indicate that there’s not much you can do if things are average or not going so well – at least for the moment.  This, however, misses a major point.  This is a fantastic time to see what you are bringing about and the impact you are making.

It’s like you get the chance to take a step back and just see how everything is coming along.  Please be aware though that this is a double-edged sword.

If things seem to be going well you may become complacent.  If things don’t seem to be going well this might be quite sobering!

Those who work with Flow will know that the time like this is very useful look at what is happening in their life, particularly in relation to their impact on and with others in public.

The Flow indicates that this interesting perspective this week can be used to your great advantage.


Take control of your Destiny


By focusing on just the top two Levels we might miss the important lessons from the Active Transform.  This shows us that the revelation of just exactly what our impact is in the world should act as a jumping off point for what we need to do next.

Specifically, we will need to then make consider what changes we need to make as a result of finding out how we’re doing.

The Flow is as good as saying “Look where you’re going.  Look at what’s happening  when you take your hands off the wheel.  What does that tell you about your current impact?”.  It is from that point that we can then see, or rather face up to, what we need to do next.

Conjunctions can be tricky aspects.  They can be either good or bad – sometimes both, giving with one hand while taking with the other.

Given that this conjunction occurs in Scorpio then you can expect some fairly plain talking from Fate.  That is if you listen…

Listen attentively and you will gain a powerful message about bringing your uniqueness to the world.  Listen with only half an ear and you are likely to find matters simply not progressing much.

The two messages – and your decision about which to listen to and use – will also give you useful information about yourself




There were no Rogues this week.




At first sight identical geomes of Fortuna Major in the same house producing an Active Transform of Populus (34) seemed to indicate only ‘more of the same’.

However, it must be remembered that the Flow is, by definition, always moving.

Water in a river moves from source to mouth but there is something always changing: the depth of water, the streams and rivers which feed into it, erosion of the banks and bed, a widening or contracting of the curves, etc.  A flowing river never stays the same.  And the Flow between identical geomes does not indicate sameness.

The fact that this conjunction occurs in Scorpio suggests the stripping away of what doesn’t work and a very harsh examination of the impact we are making in relation to others in the outside world (10th house).

The Flow to Populus (34) shows a certain completion following the consolidation of our thoughts and attitudes between the two parent geomes at Levels 1 and 2.  However, the geomancer is aware of the pair of young double taps which open up at Levels 3 and 4, showing the need to take the awareness of the mental forces that currently exist and use them to build better physical outcomes for themselves and others.

This step back to see how we are doing is not an end.  It is simply a pause to help evaluate your progress.


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