Stop Sitting Around – Prepare Actively

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Astrogem Casting for week commencing 9th February 2015


If you thought that last week’s situation was starting to create a lot of movement in your life, just wait until you see what this week brings.

It won’t be easy because of the emotion involved, but it is a time which can be very useful for your future plans.

The first geome shows that you need to use whatever ideas and drives are around you now.  The ideas and impulses around you now can move you to look to the bigger picture.

To do this most effectively you’ll need to take advice and input (dare I say help) from others.  Looking at where you are now the starting point this week is: there’s more to do and to know yet.

So begin to work on reaching out.  Test all the time.  Check.  Get feedback, particularly from those close to you.


Let’s put it simply:  Do the work.

Do what is necessary to get the job done.


You are not permitted to hide behind more planning, however.

You need to get ready actively:  Pack; throw stuff out; buy stuff; clear up; organise; phone friends; contact people; meet up – start DOING.


Take control of your Destiny


You need to start seeing the potential for results.  Matters are starting to close back in as you approach decision/start time.

Get the charts, set your compass and get ready to sail.  You’ve been stalling and worrying and planning for long enough.  Actively prepare to get out there and do.


There is an important difference between a passive approach to readying yourself and active preparation:


Passive preparation is reading seeing what’s on at the theatre.

Active preparation is booking the tickets.


Passive preparation is seeing who would like to go with you on the trip.

Active preparation is checking everyone has their passport.


Passive preparation is thinking what you’d like to eat.

Active preparation is shopping for it.


Actively prepare this week.




Fortuna Minor jumped out.  This gives added force to the message.  If you know the Four Levels model of Astrogem (and why wouldn’t you if you have got hold of the free email course on the Home page of this site?) then you’ll know that Fortuna Minor is all about the physical world.

In this context it is saying: Do it, ship it, get it out there!




Conjunctio in the fifth is suggesting the external nature of all the activities, social and otherwise, going on around you.

Think in terms of ‘external’ and ‘social’ with you in the middle either coordinating or channelling (or being channelled by) Flow.

The shift to Laetitia in the third later in the week takes those external forces and pushes them deep into you, with the association of Neptune’s subconscious tendencies, to become more about shaping, moving and doing.

The Flow has Expanded overall and then brings in the internal mental and physical realms at the same time that the overall planning and direction of two taps at Level 1 collapses to a single tap.

The Active Transform of Cauda Draconis (23) then suggests the focus back on you and your outlook again.

So not a step forward as such, but a step forward towards a step forward.


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