Living Up To Expectations

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Conjunctio + Conjunctio → Populus (23)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 5th March 2017


A quick look at the geomes shows that Flow is continuing on last week’s theme. Now however the focus is going to be on results!

The general principle is going to be of examination: Examining what you’ve got, examining what might be and dealing with the difference between the two.

Conjunctio in the sixth house (Cancer) shows you are trying to reconcile what is supposed to happen in both work and at home with what is actually happening. Given the aspect between the geomes is a quincunx it’s likely that you are dissatisfied with the way things are going there at the moment.

You had hoped to have things sorted out by now but the overall mood seems to be somewhat ‘defensive’. People are not being forthcoming. Situations seem to be getting bogged down in administration and fine detail. Whilst it can be comforting to know that people are trying to do things right by following procedure it can still feel that you are out of the loop with your own affairs.

This will make you feel that you are losing patience with what is not (yet) working. This is likely to apply to almost everything — people, processes and jobs. Another aspect to this placement will be the need for you to test performance in some way. Somebody is likely to be taking notes for further reference, so you might want to take a few, too!

Conjunctio is also Cast in the first house (Aquarius). This shows that you will be doing a good deal of thinking about how to change the situation. The first house is associated with you and your outlook on the world in general. It shows that you are going to feel that circumstances better start delivering. You are ‘putting them on notice’!

This goes beyond checking as your impatience will want to cut through the red tape. As the week progresses you are likely to start demanding that people live up to their promises and make good. If they don’t, they are likely to be — gently, but firmly — dumped.

One piece of fine detail should be mentioned here: you might find yourself losing patience particularly with regard to equipment required to do your job, and especially equipment concerned with communication and other electronics. Computers and mobile phones are likely to prove a trial in some way this week. (Given that they seem to give problems in some way on most days I have to admit that is not a hugely significant prediction. But with Conjunctio being unfavourably aspected to itself, the house of work, the house of self and to Aquarius’s Tristitia / Uranus’s ruling over electronic goods it would seems more relevant to mention it.)

(Ha ha ha! I am in the middle of writing up this Casting and a friend has just called saying she can’t find her address book. She wants to know if we have the telephone number for a particular builder!… communication, telephones, work and frustration that she can’t get the job done on her home… People who regularly write in to tell me how the Casting applies to them will have yet another example of what I mentioned to them last week — the Casting coming true even as I’m writing up the interpretation! It feels a little strange but comforting at the same time. It’s a bit like knowing the news just 30 seconds before the BBC announce it. *big grin*)


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Populus (23) in the eighth house (Virgo). It shares this house with the Pars Mercurii. This suggests that those of you in Flow will realise and feel the need for completion. The fact that the start of the matter is in the same house as the end result shows you are likely to be very focused on getting an outcome.

It also shows that you will be applying an eagle eye to proceedings this week.


Eye of a Golden Eagle, Peter Kaminski (CC BY 2.0)


Using all the power of Scorpio’s associations with the eighth house combined with Virgo’s analytical temperament gives you an incredible cutting-edge. You will find yourself thinking ‘Does this fit?’. Just this one simple question is a very powerful check on how best to take things forward, and of the results you see.

Your intuition is likely to play a big part in assessing results, too.

Of all the options and outcomes, what is right will probably feel right.




There was one Rogue today: Fortuna Major.

This shows that you can capitalise best on Flow by keeping a clear head. Embody the spirit of what you are trying to achieve in yourself and how you act and talk.

Make sure that matters have true heart; without it they are unlikely to last.

Don’t be afraid of radically examining your own thinking. You might find you benefit from changing your mind about what is possible and what is not.


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Thank you.


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