Hit The Target, Forget The Arrow

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Via + Cauda Draconis → Tristitia (1234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 30th August 2015


It’s unbelievable! This is the sixth week in a row in which one of the parent geomes resides in the first house!

Perhaps, as hinted at last week, it’s now time to do the work and confront the issues with other people. The Flow seems to be dropping a pretty big hint!

This week sees Via and its associated new developments and reverses of fortune in the seventh house, the house of relationships and contracts. It is opposite to Cauda Draconis in the first house which means that the Active Transform will reflect back into the seventh house.

Perhaps you feel that you’ve been held back over the last few weeks. If so now is the time for a bit of a clearing out. It’s time for some frank talk.

This is going to be interesting because the issues that have been holding you back have been a little under the surface. This week they bubble up and you will be able to see things much more clearly from the point of view of those closest to you.

But here’s where it gets interesting (and you may need to read this next sentence twice): you will be able to see things from their point of view but only from your point of view of their point of view. In other words you’ll see their life through your eyes not through their eyes.

This is because you don’t know everything they know and feel. You will see their life as if you were living it, not as they are living it. This will tend to skew your opinions if you’re not careful.

You are likely to think they are completely wrong in some of their views. It seems so simple to you, everything is clear. Why don’t they just do the obvious thing?

The reverse is also true. They can’t see why you do the things you do. To them you seem to be going too slowly (or too fast). You seemed to hesitate when you need to push ahead and at other times to be too headstrong in wanting your own way.

And everybody thinks that something is getting in the way!

So what can you do about this? There seems no way out.

The simplest approach is not to try.

Simply agree with them. Know that they really do have reasons for saying what they do.

You don’t need to go into details with them, it won’t help resolve the issues. Just accept what they say and see what can be done to find a way forward.


I know what you’re thinking. You think that you’ve already got enough on your plate. You know what you’re doing and you just want to get on with it. Why should you have to listen to somebody else’s point of view, particularly if you don’t understand it?

The reason is very simple — you need them.

You need them on your side, you need their support and you need their goodwill.

You might still be able to push your way forward without those things, but if you do get to the end and have nobody with whom you can appreciate the goal then what’s the point?

So, can you be big enough to listen to them? Can you take on their ridiculous and seemingly unnecessary comments and ideas?

Yes, you can.


Take control of your Destiny


If you truly want to progress and master things you will know that the important thing is to do the work necessary to get to the end and achieve the results you want. The goal is to make satisfactory progress towards results. The specific details of how you make that progress are not particularly important.

For example it doesn’t matter whose tools you use to get the job done at the moment.

Tools are tools. The surgeon doesn’t ‘own’ the scalpel, they just use it. What the surgeon does own is the knowledge and the skill necessary to do the job. The actual hardware is largely irrelevant so long as it works.

You need to do the same. Don’t get into ego issues. It is not about who is right or wrong, it’s about getting the job done. The results are not ego dependent. You need to do what is necessary for the sake of the work, not the sake of the egos.

Forget the lowly day-to-day stuff.

Work to your clearer, purer and higher goals. Any differences between your views and anyone else’s can be safely ignored in the pursuit of a better and higher goal.

Take heart, all the effort will be forgotten when you get the results.


Living a geomantic life — that is, living the geomantic way — simplifies much of your spiritual and personal growth. It’s four key principles are to:


  • Contribute to yourself
  • Contribute to others
  • Grow your uniqueness (in order to)
  • Express your purpose and talents


If we are going to develop in life, if we are going to express our purpose and to live the highest life we can, then we will be doing one of those four things. That’s how we make the spiritual doable.

The Flow this week tells us that we need to be concentrating on the aspect of making a physical contribution to others.

This week it’s not about personalities. It’s about reaching for a goal on which everyone can agree.

Find that common ground. Accept different points of view. But keep moving forward. And agree that all of you need to move forward together.

After all, it’s the archer who wins the contest, not the arrow.


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The Rogue this week is Albus:

Listen but don’t try to unpick the details and intricacies. Act with wisdom, moving forward all the time.




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