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Via + Amissio → Acquisitio (1234)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 16th August 2015


This week sees Via in the first house bringing a brand-new outlook and new hope for the near future. There is a huge amount of energy and vigorous activity on which you can capitalise this week.

You are likely to find yourself in an environment where you can create lots of new ideas and get your head full of dreams and grand plans. These plans are likely to involve many others and in lots of different ways. Only you will know how much of your inner confidence is real. But make the most of this feeling. Play what you feel is a good gamble, a good chance and a fair probability. Some might even suspect that you are relying on your charm (or status) to get you through. Shame on them, at least for saying so out loud.

Your charm will doubtless help you this week. There is a power and good fortune which comes from just being bold and starting new things.

For those who want to impress others at cocktail parties this week you can just drop in the German phrase ‘Das Glück des Tüchtigen’, — the ability which comes with luck —  if they ask you how you managed to pull it off. (Hat-tip to Thomas for that one.)

Amissio is the second Parent and tells us that all this is not just simply a case of ‘try-anything-and-you-will-succeed’! As the title indicates there’s a bit more to it than that. It’s a time of paradox:

You may not succeed at what you are aiming at but you will learn instead;

You may not be able to give but you will be able to get;

You may not be able to get what you will be able to give;

You may not learn or know how you achieve your results but you will achieve them anyway.


Take control of your Destiny


So things may go right for the wrong reasons. And they may go wrong even though you think you did everything right. Generally, however, there will be a significant improvement in your circumstances this week. You’ve just got to know where to look to see it — and to give it enough time and yourself enough perspective.

So you will be able to look back and see what you’ve accomplished at this time, and it will make you smile.

The major benefits to you will get actually revolve around the experience and energy you both put in and get out circumstances this week. This will be of huge importance and benefit in the longer term.

This week is all about you. Others will be very important, however, in providing you with a useful sounding board and also in helping get you the information you need. If your plans and ideas go awry then you will need to build a better, more realistic set of plans and ideas. What you do will hugely benefit from other people’s constructive feedback. Take the opportunity to improve and grow at face value.

I dare you not to get better as a result!




There were no Rogues this week.



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4 thoughts on “DON’T Stop, You’re Doing It All Wrong!

    • LesCross Post author

      Thanks for that, Mariam.

      It’s the overall idea that even if you are not hugely experienced in the area then you can still be fortunate as there is power in just getting started and trying.

      Always glad to have your input. Thank you!

    • LesCross Post author

      Thanks for the feedback, Ed. It’s good to know.

      Yes, it helps to review it in the light of subsequent events. I’ve found it interesting how the reading can seem to indicate one thing yet as the week progresses new events occur which were not anticipated but which still fit the same reading! I don’t think it’s that the reading is too general, but that we maybe simply limited in our imagination (or perception) of how Gaia can manifest in the Flow. 🙂