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Geomantic horoscope for the week commencing 24th June 2013

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Astrogem Horoscope for week commencing 24-06-2013

Via in the fourth house (Libra) is trine to Conjunctio in the twelfth house (Gemini) in an Expanding pattern.

Geomantic Divination

This has to be one of the most interesting castings I’ve seen in these weekly horoscopes! Via almost explodes out of the fourth into Conjunctio’s twelfth house of internal and subconscious motives, leading to a fascinating Active Transform in the eighth!

With Via’s connection to the new Moon, Conjunctio’s link to Mercury (and in the twelfth house) and the Transform in the eighth house of passion – and all this happening within a trine of Air houses – we see a huge shift in our emotions and our thoughts this week.

This is all likely to start with you considering some of the wonderful things you have in and around your home environment.  I don’t mean the fixtures and fittings!  I am referring to those things from which you derive pleasure and security in your ‘centre of operations’. There is likely to be some inciting incident – probably a question which pops up – and you’ll begin to wonder. . .

From there you will find that all kinds of new thoughts start to cascade into your mind. Some will be about improvements and some will challenge old ways of doing things.  It will be a burst of mental activity.

The interesting development comes when you start to delve deeper into your thoughts. This is going to pull out all sorts of things you didn’t think to question before.  And the really interesting thoughts are going to be the ones which question what you feel and why you feel it!  My suggestion would be to take your time this week.  There’s no rush to jump to immediate conclusions.  In fact you should take time to let thoughts and their solutions percolate in your mind.  An answer which does not feel right to you this week is probably wrong, but you’ll sometimes need time for that feeling to manifest itself.

Then things will take a turn.

You’ll notice that you can’t get all the answers from just your own thinking – you’ll need external inspiration.  The emphasis here is on that word ‘inspiration’. It doesn’t mean just asking others.  It means you will need to find links that you haven’t made before.  Make sure that you get enough outside stimulus to do this. Ask yourself, ‘what else is like this’, and use that to give you insights.

Yes, you can ask others and this is where we add a layer of complexity or depth.

Be careful how you ask.  I don’t mean ‘cautious’, just take care.  Pay attention to what you say and how others respond.  Learn from the interaction.  This will be important.

You will learn a lot from the process of interacting with others this week.  The process will give you almost as much information as the content of the answers. And this context will help shape your final understanding.  This will be a wonderful time to talk about your deeper feelings, but this should only be done with those who are already tuned in to you.

As a word of caution:  It will be fun to make the most of this burst of mental creativity, but it would be inadvisable to try to action it for a little while yet. Think things through and marshall them all at the starting line, but don’t pull the trigger on the starting gun just yet.  There will be important subtleties which will need to percolate up first.  Indeed, for some of the changes you will simply not have the physical resources to action them – at least, not yet.

It will be interesting to see just how many people are supportive and just how many of them are also prepared to come along with you, too.

Take control of your Destiny

We could just leave the Casting there and have an interesting reading, but there is more that is available to us.  We can determine the Active Transform to show us how to capitalise on the circumstances, showing us the likely areas for development.

Adding Via to any geome always gives us a fully new ‘opposite’ geome.  By opposite, I mean that what was a single tap becomes a double tap, and a double becomes a single. Thus, the new Moon of Via shows a mirroring and in some ways a complimentary part of the cycle of the Flow.

This, for me, is where this Casting gets very interesting:  What was external now becomes internal; what was mental now becomes physical; what was personal now becomes public and all of it vice versa.

The Active Transform of Via and Conjunctio is Carcer (1234) in the eighth house (Aquarius).  This gives a lot to think about – and a lot to do!

After all the thinking and discussing we will really be in a position to do something new – even something revolutionary.  This would certainly require effort on our part and the results would definitely be worth it.  But not only is the time not ripe just yet, it will almost certainly require the help of other people.

This help may turn out to be moral support, but even so this support will be vital. They could so easily be disinterested which would make your task that much harder.

If they can see your genuine commitment they will help to carry you forward and may even pitch in themselves.  If your actions are not borne of deep conviction, however, this is much less likely to happen.  What can you do to show that conviction?  You must be sure yourself, first.  That is why it is so important to let the ideas work themselves out fully in the first place.

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What to do this week

  1. If you get stuck in your thinking ask: ‘What else is like this’ and see if the answer to a related problem gives you an answer to what you are stuck on.
  2. Don’t immediately start acting on new ideas.
  3. Watch for ‘opposites’ starting to manifest.  They will give you new insights and you’ll be able to see Geomantic Flow in action.
  4. Get external inspiration – you won’t have all the answers yourself yet.
  5. When you do act then do so from genuine conviction and commitment on your part.  If you don’t really feel it, don’t do it.


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