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Aqusitio + Caput Draconis → Albus (24)
Astrogem Casting for week commencing 20th September 2015


This week sees Acquisitio in the third house enabling you able to make some important changes in your immediate surroundings. These changes can make life seem very busy around you. And it won’t just be others that notice this either. You will think that there are lots of pots bubbling away on the stove all of which need attention.

It’s even possible that some of them boil over from time to time, but this shouldn’t worry you unduly.

As far as the people and projects in your life are concerned it is likely to be ‘put up, or shut up’ time. If something is creating an annoyance it had better justify its existence or it is likely to get dumped.

By contrast you might find that some things which are simmering away need to have the heat turned up under them a little in order to see whether they will ever amount to anything.

So you will be making a lot of judgements — and having to do so with little time. The key lesson from this part of the week will be a simple one: look to see if whatever area of your life is concerning you is likely to yield results. If it doesn’t look like paying off then get rid of it from your head and your attention.

As the week progresses you will realise two things. Firstly, you have only a limited amount of time and resources to spend and so you can’t waste either. Secondly, that you need to focus on the really demanding things in your life. Anything which is truely demanding and worthy of your attention should really stand out.

You will find that circumstance will not be ‘if, but or maybe’, they will be ‘do something about this right now’ and that will apply to both projects and people.

And because you have limited resources it will be important to focus your time and attention on only those must-do items.

Don’t get caught up in just trying to make quick gains, however. Just because something is easy to do and get rid of doesn’t mean it’s worth spending time on. Insignificant incidents could easily prove a distraction. You will need to focus on those things that are truly important.

We see this happening more and more during the week as we transition into the second geome, Caput Draconis, but help is on the way. You will find that you are moving into calmer waters. Following the turbulence at the start of the week the atmosphere becomes decidedly more emotionally calm and even, dare I say, artistic.

You will find that you develop new ideas for your environment. The situation around you just start to have the all the physical heat taken out of them – and not in a bad way at all.

Difficult situations will start even themselves out. Physical limitations will start to slip away.

… And, with a twist here and turn there, suddenly you will see clearly something new in front of you. You will enter a period where you can clearly and calmly see a way forward.


Take control of your Destiny


The Active Transform this week is Albus (24), in the first house (Virgo). You will know that you are hitting the Active Transform properly by seeing a smoothing out of the path during the week. This is because that inner calm will transform from a mood into a direction.

Your thoughts and ideas will begin to broaden. It will be time to try out your ‘new coat’ and plans and see how people react to them.

The golden thread through the casting this week is from funnelling down all that turbulent activity to that balanced calm and then, as everything magically transforms to provide you with a new perspective, to be able to do more with what you’ve already got.


[bctt tweet=”Do more with what you’ve already got.”]


You’ll find that you can let go of simply ‘supposing things are true’.

If it’s not obvious to you then it’s wrong.




There were no Rogues this week.



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