Guest Post: Mike Pascoe In Glastonbury

Glastonbury Town Hall

Glastonbury Town Hall



I wasn’t able to make the Glastonbury MBS this time and I asked Mike Pascoe if he would like to stand in for me.

After I managed to get my arm back into its shoulder socket I gave him the details and he kindly did the business, stood in for me and tended people’s spiritual needs.

The venue itself is a bit of a TARDIS – a lot bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside.

Anyway, here’s how he got on:




On a suspiciously sunny August bank holiday weekend I took Astrogem Geomancy to a large Body, Spirit and Mind charity fair that is held twice a year in my home town of Glastonbury.

Although I am seasoned professional reader and learned traditional ‘dots-on-paper’ Geomancy many years ago, I had not used Astrogem live nor in such an intensive setting. Intensive it certainly was! From 10 in the morning until 5 at night I gave 18 readings!

The beauty (or genius) of the system is the simplicity and tactility of using gemstones to represent the geomes. I used the Oracle cards on which are printed photos of the gemstones.

For those less familiar with the system, or the meanings of geomes, then the cards provide an excellent ‘cheat sheet’. No more long and boring calculations – the sitter simply plucks the stone or card they feel vibrationaly drawn to from the bag. Again this is great for short readings or where you want to concentrate on the reading not on the calculations.

The sight of over a dozen pretty gemstones laid on a mat and the name ‘Astrogem Geomancy’ certainly got people’s attention and I stood out from the other readers who mostly used Tarot in some form or another!

“Did it deliver accurate readings?” I hear you ask. Well the answer is a resounding “Yes” and without breaking Client-Reader confidentiality it produced some outstandingly accurate insights.

That didn’t surprise me, because Geomancy is an ancient and proven oracle. What the system does is to present it an accessible and reader-friendly form! So I came away from the day tired but happy; it had been a resounding success on all levels [I see what you did there – Ed.]

Oh and nobody stole a gemstone, although one small boy did try and play ‘Marbles’ with them while his mother had a reading.


Thanks for standing in and for the article, Mike. Great work on both counts!


[Photo: Glastonbury Town Hall:  Neil Owen CC 2.0]


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